5 Tips How To Develop Your Fashion Style

There are a lot of ill made fashion choices that people with a sense of style can pick from a mile away. A lot of girls out there buy the latest trending stylish dresses for girls and wish they look just like the models adorning the magazine covers.

But there is a lot more to style than this. In this article, we will discuss some fashion tips and dressing styles for females so that they can be that girls whose clothes look cool and is always fashion savvy.

Outfit for women

Combine baggy and form fitting clothing

This is the very first style advice that I would like to give to the females out there, who are looking to develop their fashion style. While putting together an ensemble, pick a form fitting piece of clothing for either your top or your bottom.

Say for example, if you wear a baggy or a free flowing top wear, specifically choose a tighter pair of pants to balance out the whole outfit. Likewise, if you are wearing a loose fitting, baggy pair of jeans or boyfriend cut jeans, they tend to be very loose on purpose. In such cases, you should specifically pick a shirt that is a lot more form fitting as compared to the pants.

When you accent one body part, say your legs, your waist or your shoulders or your neckline and make it a focal point of your outfit, where everything else is loose and lot more free flowing, it really makes the outfit look more in style. It makes it look a lot more planned and thought out when in reality you really don’t have to spend too much time at all.


Another great fashion style tips for girls out there is to accessorize. Accessorizing makes you look stylish and contemporary. Accessories have the power to turn an ordinary outfit into a great ensemble.

While deciding on accessories, make sure to bring the attention towards your best points and try to minimize the worst. By choosing the right accessories, you can change the look of your outfit from formal to casual even.

Make a folder in your phone for instant outfit choices

Though this might sound a little offbeat, but this style tip will seriously transform your life and make it so much easier. Create a spate folder in your phone within the picture section of instant outfit choices.

So what I love to do is I follow a lot of bloggers and style fashionistas and I also love Pinterest. What I like to do and what I think is the real secret is to actually get inspirations from these accounts and then go to your closet and get out the pieces that match what you are looking for.

Click a picture of the outfits that you have laid out from your closet and save them in the folder. So, next time when you are picking up clothes and you don’t know what to wear, you can simply go to your phone, open the folder and just scroll through the different options that are already in your closet.

Dressing style

Fold and Tuck

This style tip basically says that if you are fold or tuck a portion of your shirt or top it really elevates your outfit to some level.

So, the first one is simply tucking your shirt into your jeans. It gives you a little bit more form with the shirt and accent any belts if you are wearing one. when you see women out and about and you see the little tuck into their shirt, it just kind of gives off the impression that they are a little more in style than the average person

Another little tidbit regarding the fold and tuck is when you are a wearing a t-shirt that has the short sleeves or arm sleeves. If you take those short sleeves and actually roll them up and cuff them it transforms a basic t-shirt into something so much more stylish and flamboyant.

Always Carry a Style Emergency Kit 

The final style secret is to always carry a style emergency kit with you. Our outfits could be so on point, so in style and look greats, but we have all been there where something malfunctions.

Maybe you don’t feel well or want to change something or simply want to fix things up just a little bit, it’s always great to have an emergency style kit. Get a little pouch that you can always carry inside your handbag. Add things like a double sided tape, which is perfect for weird malfunctions or shirts that aren’t laying rig. Also carry band aids for foot blisters, especially from new shoes.

Having safety pins as well is really great as well along with hair ties, chap sticks and maybe a lip gloss and mascara. Tweezers are also very useful, you can use them for so many different reasons.
These are some of the best fashion style tips that you can follow every day to achieve a more flamboyant and stylish look.

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