The importance of diet and exercise in reducing obesity you need to know

Are you obese? Carrying around excess weight can make you feel uncomfortable and may also harm your health. As per the Centres For Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people who are obese in the United States of America has increased dramatically over the years. In the year 2010, around 1/3 of adults in America were obese and had the BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 30. If you weigh more than what you should weigh actually, then you are overweight. Both overweight and obesity results from excessive fat accumulation around the body. This may impair your health to a great extent. Know one thing that obesity is the root cause of so many health conditions that you cannot even imagine. Here we will find ways to control excessive fat accumulation and talk about the ways of losing weight.

Over weight and Obesity
Over weight

What is obesity?

Obesity is a no communicable disease which might be prevented. When excessive fat has accumulated to the extent that it may harm your health, the condition you are suffering from is called obesity. The medical condition is a cause of concern for it can lead to several health problems and has great implication for an individual’s health. In the year 2018, obesity has become an epidemic in the USA. Those who are obese are at great risk of having dangerous diseases like heart diseases, cancer and Type 2 Diabetes. When the body mass index exceeds the range of 30, then the person is labelled as an obese individual. BMI is calculated by considering the height and weight of the person. But, BMI may fail to give you a true picture of how far you are obese or overweight.

There are certain factors that impact the relationship between body fat and BMI. They are the age of the person, ethnicity, sex, origin, occupation and the muscular mass. Still, BMI is an effective way to learn about the fat distribution in the body or the distribution of weight in the body. Excessive fat in the body results from over-consumption of calories. To lose weight, you need to limit the consumption of fatty foods. Dieting and exercising can together give you good results.


How to lose weight?

Combine a healthy diet for childern and regular exercise to lose weight. You need to restrict calories consumption. Regular exercise can benefit your health in multiple ways. It may reverse the impact of some diseases, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and can invite an overall sense of wellbeing. By exercising regularly and following obesity diet chart, you can reduce weight and live a healthy life. 
It can also bring down the risk of getting a heart attack.

Regular exercise can also reduce the probability of getting breast cancer, colon cancer, and other diseases. So, when you start losing weight, you also gain a lot of confidence while it boosts your mood. As you look better, it also boosts your self-esteem, curbs depression and anxiety. Regular exercise not only helps to lose weight but also helps to manage weight in a healthy manner. Certain exercises can speed up metabolism and help to burn fat. If you can burn more calories than what you consume, you will definitely lose weight.

Diet plans and weight loss

This is the lurking question that many of us face. Can diet control bring about weight loss? Yes! It can bring about weight loss. But, how much of weight loss and for how many years the results will last also depends. For many, diet control is an easy way to lose weight. We all live a busy lifestyle, and hardly a few of us have time to hit the gym or exercise religiously. Apart from this, we also live in a food-filled environment, and so making the right choice of food items is pretty difficult. Diet planning relies on understanding the nutrient content of a particular food item. This is why it is necessary to read the label of the food box before making any purchase. Diet for obesity is only helpful when you make healthy food choices and go for food items that are fewer in calories. You need to be disciplined and stick to the diet chart for a prolonged period of time.

How can diet plans help?

To lose weight, you got to follow a structured meal plan and continue that for years. Starving is not the solution. Fatty and unhealthy food must be substituted with healthy alternatives. If you follow a structured weight loss diet for obesity plan, you may lose 10 kgs in 4-5 months only. The benefits of dieting for weight loss are:
  • Helps in proper food planning and promotes a disciplined eating
  • Encourages just 2-3 meals per day without snacking and munching
  • Stocks up your refrigerator with healthy foodstuffs
  • Facilitates portion control
  • Helps to make healthier food choices

Exercise and Workouts
Workouts for weight loss

Exercise for weight loss and the benefits

As already stated, you should exercise and consume a balanced diet to lose weight, exercise for obese is extremely beneficial. Regular exercise can boost brain power, lower the stress level, boosts energy level and can also build relationships. You can exercise together with your friends and family to melt away tension and excessive body fat. Regular exercising can help to avoid several diseases including heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, stroke, joint diseases, and hypertension.

Obesity control and weight reduction is the key to living a healthy existence. If you find it difficult to lose weight, you may get in touch with a dietician and fitness trainer to help you lose weight. So, just embrace a healthy existence by eliminating excessive body fat.
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