9 Must Read Tips for Protecting Your Gadgets

Technology is more expensive and portable than ever. Rather than taking your chances, you must look for ways to safeguard your devices from accidents, wear and tear, and internal issues. It will allow you to enjoy the devices for longer, which will save you money throughout the years.

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Extend the lifespan of your technology by checking out these nine must-read tips for protecting your gadgets.

  1. Use a Quality Case: A quality case will protect your smartphone and tablet computer from scrapes, scratches, accidents, and other forms of wear and tear. It is a must-have for every portable device, as it will stop faults or failures from occurring. A hardwearing phone case isn’t expensive, and it could prevent the need for an expensive replacement.
  2. Add a Screen Protector: Every portable tech device with a screen should have a screen protector. It only takes a phone to fall out of your hand or become crushed in your pocket to develop a crack. A screen protector will improve your smartphone or tablet’s resilience while keeping it clean and preventing scratches. It’s one protective item you will not regret buying.
  3. Improve Your Controller Grip: Passionate gameplay or sweaty palms could force a console controller to fall out of your hands, which could cause loose buttons or an unfortunate break. Protect the accessory by visiting the Lizard Skins website to browse its controller grip collections, which provide designs compatible with Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation controllers. The polymer-based formula offers superb softness and gripping properties to support gameplay and prevent slips. It could help you take your gaming skills to the next level while protecting the accessory.
  4. Invest in Gadget Insurance: As many gadgets cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, the last thing you will want is for an electronic to experience accidental damage, become lost, stolen, or randomly breakdown. Gadget insurance is a smart decision, as it will cover the cost of a device should the worst happen. You can then replace the technology without footing the bill. While it might seem like an unnecessary monthly expense, you will be glad you invested in an insurance policy should the device break, become lost, or be stolen.
  5. Purchase a Surge Protector: Sudden power spikes can cause permanent damage to various electronics, such as computers, televisions, laptops, and more. Keep your technology safe by purchasing a surge protector. Bear in mind that a surge protector is different from a power strip. Despite their similar appearance, a surge protector is designed to protect against surges, hence its name, while a power strip only provides additional plug outlets.
  6. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Extreme temperatures can play havoc with your hardware. Most devices can’t cope with overheating, which is why Apple and Samsung devices provide a warning to customers when the temperature is too hot. For this reason, you must keep them away from direct sunlight, never put them in your pocket, and avoid placing them on top of other warm gadgets or appliances.
  7. Use a Strong Password: Every device you own should have a strong password, from your smartphone and tablet to your PC or game console. A generic password will increase the likelihood of a data breach either by a cyber criminal or someone you know. For example, a hacker could gain access to your phone and hold your apps and data to ransom.

    Boost your tech strength by using a password generator to create a random, impenetrable password that would challenge the smartest of hackers. Also, use different passwords for various devices and accounts to protect your hardware and data security.
  8. Don’t Place Gadgets in a Backpack: You might not think twice about placing your laptop, tablet computer, or camera in your backpack, but this could increase your risk of theft, especially if you are walking through a crowd. As the bag will be on your back, you might not realize an unscrupulous person has unzipped your backpack and stolen one or more gadgets. Keep your tech items safe by choosing a bag you can wear across your chest.
  9. Backup Your Data Often: Keep your photos, documents, messages, videos, and audio safe by backing up your data often. It will allow you to reload the files onto a device should your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, or console break down, experience a cyberattack, or become lost or stolen. Keep the files in an external location, such as in the cloud or on an external hard drive. It will provide peace of mind that you will never lose your important data.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to expensive gadgets. Add protective cases, screen protectors, and controller grips, protect your devices from theft, take out insurance, use impenetrable passwords, and don’t forget to back up your data often.

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