What to Look in a Caravan Park for a Family Holiday

Many people have lacked a vacation in the last couple of years. Since the pandemic struck the world and changed everyone’s lives forever, travel trends plummeted, understandably, and for many, it has felt like an era has passed since they last took a much-needed holiday. What’s more, the global financial situation isn’t exactly ideal, and even now that the pandemic has seemingly eased up, many people simply cannot afford a break, despite now having the freedom to travel again.

However, if you are one of the fortunate ones finally in a financial position to be able to book a vacation after the turbulence, and in some people’s cases, downright devastation, caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, there is no better type of vacation to choose than that of a caravan holiday.

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This type of getaway is usually affordable and grants a level of adventure and freedom that many other holidays can’t match – not to mention a caravan getaway is a wonderful way to spend time with the family, enjoy the fresh outdoors, and get back to nature.

So, if you have already booked your time off from work and are ready to book your holiday, or else you are just beginning your research, continue reading to learn about the most important things to look for in a caravan park when booking a family break.

Does the Park Allow Pets?

You would perhaps, especially if you are the owner of one or more precious pooches or cats yourself, assume that every caravan park will naturally accept dogs and other animals.

However strange though this may sound to animal lovers of all descriptions, there are actually many caravan parks that refuse to allow animals on site, so be sure to check in advance that pets are allowed if you want to bring your furry friend along on holiday. Don’t just assume it’s okay to bring your four-legged family member along – it would be devastating to arrive at your holiday park only for Fido to be turned away at the gate!

Research the Power Options

It may well be the case that you own an all-singing and all-dancing caravan that has its own power sources in abundance.

However, if you intend on hooking up your caravan to an external power source, then one of the most important things you need to look for when selecting the right caravan park for you is that it is able to provide adequate power to fuel your caravan for the entire vacation. 

Imagine how much of a pain it would be if your caravan’s power went out, and you had to wait a long time for it to charge up so you could use its facilities and electricity – especially in the winter when you need light and warmth, or in the summer when you need to keep you and your family cool!

Kids’ Entertainment & Activities 

Obviously, when looking for a caravan park that will be sure to keep your child or children occupied, entertained, and happy, especially if you are hoping to grab some peace, quiet, and even alone time for yourself, one of the most important things to look for is a good selection of kids’ entertainment and activities. 

Furthermore, some caravan parks even provide trained and professional staff and child entertainers who will be responsible for your kids for an hour or more. In this case, it is strongly advisable to book such activities for your children ahead of time and before you arrive at the caravan park to ensure availability.

At a renowned and reputable caravan site, such as North Lakes Country Park, there is always a lot happening in terms of entertainment for children and adults, and the sort of entertainment and activities at sites around the country often include water sports, team sports, and arts and crafts. 

Some caravan grounds also offer dedicated kids’ clubs chock-full of activities, toys, and facilities for little ones – from toddler-age right up to teens, so be sure to choose a park that has one if you think your children would enjoy having access to this kind of facility on-site during the holiday. 


Additionally, some caravan parks offer childcare and babysitting services – usually either in a set area of the park (such as a kids’ club) or in the comfort of your own caravan, the latter of which involves a trained babysitter taking care of your little ones in your caravan. 

This service is ideal if the adults want to enjoy some quality time together without the kids – perhaps for a romantic date night, restaurant outing, or a couple of drinks at the bar or pub while the children are taken care of and kept entertained for a few hours by a babysitter.

Location & Surrounding Area

Another key factor when considering which caravan site to book for your next family holiday is the surrounding area and any nearby tourist attractions.

Also, it would be pertinent to take time to research any local transport links and options to use public transport, especially if you intend on leaving your personal vehicle on site for the entirety of your vacation

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