5 Trending Wedding Lehengas For Your Big Day

From weddings to any traditional events, every Indian woman takes pride in wearing a designer lehenga because of the rich vibe it offers. When in doubt about what to wear during a traditional event, a designer lehenga should be your go-to choice. The cultural authenticity that a lehenga offers is something that you can’t deny. 

These days, a designer lehenga is not something that only a bride wears. This regal outfit makes for a perfect bridesmaid look if your BFF or your cousin is getting married. If you think a saree is too traditional and wearing an anarkali to your bFF’s wedding ceremonies is too passe, get yourself a brand new designer lehenga that will assure all eyes on you and must look on wedding jewellery

When wearing a designer lehenga, manage to set yourself apart from the crowd with these different ways to style your royal look.

  1. The cowl neck drape: Who even thought that a lehenga dupatta can be draped so differently? If you’ve got a backless choli, flaunt your sexy back with a cowl neck drape where most of the dupatta will fall onto your front. With this unique style, you can simply accessorise with earrings and a headgear while letting go of the necklace.
  2. Simple one side open drape: The classic way to carry a dupatta on your lehenga is by draping it on one side. This curates a graceful look, especially if your dupatta is heavily embellished and needs to be flaunted. 
  3. Pleated one side drape: If you don’t want to stumble upon your dupatta during the wedding shenanigans, simply pleat it neatly and wear it over your shoulder. Secure the dupatta in one place by wearing a statement belt around your waist. This is a classic and evergreen way to wear your lehenga.
  4. Tied to wrist: This is the latest style of wearing your lehenga dupatta that most Bollywood divas are opting for. This fuss-free draping technique requires you to wear your dupatta over your head, have the train over one of your shoulders and secure it by tying the rest of the fabric on your wrist. 
  5. Half-saree drape: When you can’t decide between wearing a saree or a lehenga, get the best of both worlds by opting for a saree-style drape on your lehenga. Drape your dupatta by tucking one of its ends into your lehenga and drape the remaining fabric over your shoulder like a saree pallu.
  6. Asymmetrical drape: Be the modern princess who needs no prince with this unique draping style. This style comprises the pleated drape at the right shoulder and letting it free on the front end. The other back end of the dupatta is brought to the front and finally draped in an off-the-shoulder cowl style, wrapped around front to back and secured at the shoulder. Pull off this drape if you’ve got a sheer dupatta for your lehenga.

These are the unique ways you can style your designer lehenga that can be upgraded with matching wedding jewellery and a beautiful hairdo to complement your overall traditional yet chic look.

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