Why Celebrating Valentine’s Day is Way More than Romantic?

Amidst the shutting of the New Year’s first month, February has come with all upcoming celebrations for Valentine’s Day. I’ve always wondered how exactly the celebration of the day came into the picture. It’s not that I haven’t surveyed about it properly through the Internet. But the reason behind the origin of the day is more mind-catching. Putting it in simple words, the history of this day would never make it into a romcom. And it certainly includes a saint, massacre, and the nuns. To know about the significance of valentine's day and real origins behind 14th February, keep reading on.

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An Introduction to Valentine’s Day Origin – The Earliest History

Earlier, why we celebrate valentine's day was the only question that used to bother me. And after several surveys over the Internet, I’ve found the answer!

Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, the Catholic priest from Rome (in 3rd Century).  A whopping percent of Roman at that time converted themselves into Christians. However, Emperor Claudius II created laws for Christians and believed that the Roman soldiers should be committed and devoted to Rome. According to the history of valentine, the saint started joining the soldiers in Christian ceremonies. This marked the beginning of his reputation for having faith in love. After Valentine was caught, he was jailed for the crimes. Despite the punishment, he kept on serving his purpose for the fellow prisoners and jailor's blind daughter. Sources claim that Valentine also cured the blindness of that girl. The final thing that he had done is to write a love message to that girl mentioning ‘from your Valentine'. That’s how the existence of the day’s celebration came into the frame.

How Celebrating Valentine’s Day Has Become a Tradition?

In the Middle Ages, celebrating the day with valentine day special materialistic gifts wasn’t a piece of cake. The era entirely comprised courtly love when only romantic love statements (like songs, poems, and paintings) celebrated the partnership. The fall of the 15th century witnessed the word ‘valentine' for describing a lover in songs and poems. After which, in the 18th century, a book named 'The Young Man's Valentine Writer' was published in England. As far as valentine's day facts are concerned, the 19th century witnessed the production of Valentine’s Cards. Eventually, people got introduced to the concept of ‘perfect gift for valentine’.

The Contemporary Concept of Valentine’s Day

I've noticed one thing about this day, and that is the day is celebrated in almost all the countries. But what becomes important is that different cultures have developed different concepts of this day. For some cultures, this day is observed as a day for expressing love between friends and families. On the contrary, traditions also include gift-giving season among children and parents. For friends, day includes the acts of appreciation.

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Mostly, the day is associated with romantic love with the exchange of millions of Valentine’s Day cards among the friends and family. Gifts like valentines day roses accompanied by some love or appreciation messages are great ways to make close ones happier. The best gift for valentines day include watches, clutches for women, and more.

Wondering about ‘valentines day gifts for him’? I feel that the best way to make him happy would be by gifting him a chocolate truffle heart cake. This would be the best idea to celebrate the day with bells and whistles. More gifts for him include a personalized award or trophy, personalized pillow cover, wallet, leather belt, and more.

In regards to what most women like as gifts, the concept of ‘valentines day gifts for her’ would be well acquainted if she is gifted with a bouquet. I personally feel that she would love a makeup product more than other traditional gifts. Also, wallets and clutches are definitely approachable gifts.

However, despite all the traditional rules of gifting loved ones on this day, what matters the most is the love I share with my close ones. I’ve planned to celebrate the day with my family and close friends this year. I’ve also arranged some special gift-giving sessions for them. Hopefully, my family members would love this idea.


Now that I’ve already enlightened you about the concept of the day, don’t waste time. Just get the best gift from the store and share the token of love with your close ones. I would like to hear from you how you would initiate celebrating this year’s special festival. Feel free to let me know through the comments section. Giving the closure, I can only recollect Shakespeare's words. Love doesn't look with eyes, but with mind; hence, the winged Cupid is blind.

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