Safety Tips For Women Solo Travelers

Travelling the world can be really fun and as an independent women the idea of solo travel excites you the core. Now, the main question that raises is, is it possible for women to travel the world and be safe? The answer to this question is, yes it is possible to travel alone and be safe.
Even if you don’t stay in resorts, you don’t speak the local language and even if you are traveling to developing countries you can still be safe and travel as much as you want.
Here, we will mention some travel safety trips, which will help any women travel independently.

Solo Traveler

Take a look at our top tips.

Do your research

Before you make a trip to a new destination, make it a point to research thoroughly about the place. Planning and researching can be as fun as making the actual trip. Before you visit a destination, spare some of your time to get to know about the safety information of the place, the best and most safe neighborhoods and the neighborhoods that you should likely avoid. Also know about the transportation information and whether there is a medical center in the city or not. Check out the lodging details, read other customer reviews, these will give you an idea of the safe lodging accommodations.

Keep all your valuables on you

Although it is wise not to bring valuables with you on your trip, but in case you do keep it on you while in transit. Keep a day bag in which you can carry all the important and valuable items like medication, credit cards, camera, laptop and smartphone etc. do not keep these important items in a general luggage pack or mixed them with your checked luggage.  If you let these valuable items out of your sight, chances are that they might get taken away from you forever.

Woman Solo Traveler

Only take what you need

While going on an exploration around the city you are visiting, there is no need to carry everything with you. You don’t need to take all your cards or all your cash and passports etc with you. Take a little bit of money and a debit card with you, this should do the job. You can keep the rest of your things locked in your hotel. Though it won’t reduce the risk of being robbed 100 % but most criminals these days are very opportunistic and if you don’t give them the opportunity. They will move one to someone else.

Don’t trust people easily

When you are travelling solo to a new destination, it can be quite tempting to team with some of the group, which does turn into valuable friendships sometimes. But this is not the case always. There are many con artists out there who have thoroughly mastered the craft of befriending travelers and robbing them of their money and other valuables. If you are only just getting to know someone, don’t leave any of your valuable item on their guard. It really is not rude to be a little cautious and it is better safe than to be sorry.

Limit your drinking

When you are on the road it is safe to watch you’re drinking a bit. It is common knowledge that alcohol dulls your senses and slows your reaction so it makes you more vulnerable to others. You don’t have to completely avoid drinking, but drink slowly and keep a limit to your drinking.

Keep photocopies of documents and secret cash

If the worst does happens, your purse gets stolen or your credit cards get maxed out or you suddenly fall sick – it is a good idea to have a backup plan ready. To protect yourself in such scenarios, you should keep front and back photocopies of all your documents and copies of your credit card stored in cloud as well. Also keep a stash of backup cash. Do not touch this cash bundle under any other circumstances than absolute emergency.

Here you go, some of the best travel safety tips for all the female travelers out there. Read these carefully and you will be able to enjoy a nice travel experience with complete safety. Safe travelling!

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