Unique Valentine's Gifts ideas for Boyfriend - 2019

To most couples in love, Valentine’s Day is an extraordinary occasion. The occasion especially hovers around girls because it is the boys who run here and there looking for perfect ways and gifts to please their girls. Simply putting, this time of the year is a challenge for men.

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But, if you are not one of those stereotypical girlfriends who is always expecting from their boyfriends, who are trying very hard to surprise and get their feet swept off, then it is a great idea to start looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for him. It is a two-way path; it is not the day where only you get to have fun gifts. Your boyfriend also deserves to be surprised.

Give a tribute to your most amazing and tantalizing love story with a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that will help you commemorate your love.     

  • A Fancy Leather Watch 

Without a doubt, men are obsessed with watches. They find it irresistible. So, it is a good thing if you stumbled upon a fancy leather watch. It will bring new bling to his wrist. For starters, men have far few options than women when it comes to fashion. So, regarding the personal expression of his preferences and tastes, a fancy leather watch is the go-to accessory.

  • Wallets 

Wallets are one of the long-run companions that persist with a man and carry some of his essential stuff. Wallet as a Valentine Day gift for boyfriend is an excellent choice. Choose a wallet that’s not only stylish and classy but durable as well. Wallets are the must-have accessory for men and this Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for you to provide him with an ideal leather wallet.

  • Headphones 

You probably don’t know, but headphones are also a part of men’s stylish accessories. Men love headphones, and if yours is a computer junkie who loves games and stuff, he will accept your gift with both hands. There is a wide variety of headphones out there – from noise-canceling to wireless and more, pick anything under your budget and his love for you will inevitably increase.

  • A Comfy Set of Slip-Ons 

As said, there is nothing much for men to express their fashion sense. That makes men new-shoe fanatics. Getting a pair of brogues or boots for your men is a great idea. He will wear it all day and all year. Shoes are an encouraging way to build your man’s wardrobe. Gift a pair that will make every occasion cool and cozy for your man.     

  • A Cool Portable Charger 

When it comes to electronics and gadgets, you can’t beat men. It is their territory of showcasing how much they know about electronics and stuff like you know about say 200 shades of lipsticks. Portable charger is the need of the hour, particularly when everybody is using their smartphone on the go. It is one of the great Valentine gifts for boyfriend.   

  • A Travel Kit 

If your man loves to travel, then a travel kit would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. Every man needs a place to stow his personal belongings while traveling. There are several types of travel kits for men that range in style, size, material, and price that you can choose from. Whichever you choose, it will put a bright smile on your man’s face.

  • A Cool Informative Alarm Clock 

If your man has the tendency to wake up late or he is complaining about the annoying phone alarm that he has to wake up every morning listening to, then a cool alarm clock displaying information like time, temperature, date, etc. is what he needs. Moreover, it will be a great addition to his table or nightstand.

  • A Cologne 

Men do love compliments like “you smell wonderful.” A good cologne has a lot to offer, from helping you feel more confident and less stressed and making you more attractive. Gift your men cologne that matches his personality and taste. If he doesn’t use perfumes and cologne, it is the best way to introduce him to the practice.

  • A Pair of Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are not just protective eyewear that you wear to protect your eyes from sun and dust; they are a fashion statement. If your boyfriend likes sunglasses or you think he looks incredibly handsome wearing those Ray Bans, then a pair of sunglasses is the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend that he will surely love.


Valentine’s Day is not all about ‘how much I care for you’ stuff. It is about showing respect and appreciation to your loved one. There’s not much Valentine’s Day gift idea for men, but whatever you present him with, it will be like the best thing ever for him.

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