Best Time To Drink Water To Stay Fit And Healthy

We all are familiar concept that drinking 8 glass of water a day is necessary for the body to function properly. Now, you might drink a lot of water everyday to maintain the health of body. But the question is, are you drinking water at the right times ? Well, yes there is a right time to drink water and there are many health benefits of drinking water at the right time.

If you are wondering when to drink water, there are certain times, when drinking water gives the optimum of health benefits. Here, we have listed 8 best time to drink water, which will yield the most benefits for your body.

Drink water after you wake up

A glass of cool water after you wake up is a great way to let your body that it's time to get running. Your circulatory system needs a lot of fluid to get rid of residual calories burnt during the night and drinking a glass of water right after you wake up, helps with the process.

Drink water before working out

Depending on your body's fluid levels, temperature and humidity etc you may need multiple glasses of water before and after a workout session. Hydration is very important to protect your body against extreme temperature and needs fluids to carry on the function properly.

Drink water after working out

When we go through a vigorous workout routine, a lot of fluids leave our body through perspiration and drinking water after workout helps replace the amount of fluid lost in workout. The amount of water you will need to drink depends on multiple factors like your weight, health and whether the weather conditions are hot and humid.

Drink water before a meal

Drinking water before a meal helps you feel fuller, which means it will help you with portion management and prevent you from gorging down your food. Also drinking water before a meal moisturizes the lining of your stomach and prepares your stomach for the meal and helps with the digestion process.

Drink water when you are hungry

Drink a large glass of water if you are feeling hungry in between meals and see if the hunger still persists. Most of the time people tend to misinterpret thirst for hunger. Also drink water after meal and in between meals to help you feel full faster and thus thus help manage your daily calorie intake.

Drink a lot of water when you are exposed to germs

If you are visiting a sick person in a hospital, or someone in your class or office is sick, drink a little more around to help wash away the germs that your body might have picked up. A body which is well hydrated body lets the germs pass along and does not let bacteria and viruses to settle and multiply in your system.

Drink water before sleep

Drinking water before sleep is really essential for your body. Drinking a nice, tall glass of water before you sleep will help replenish the fluid loss that might occur through the night. Drink water an hour before you go to sleep and this will help balance the fluid levels in your body throughout the night. Also going to sleep fully hydrated lowers the risks of heart attacks and strokes as dehydration can elevate the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is another good reason to stay hydrated before you sleep.

Drink water when you are tired

Drinking water when you are tired, helps power up your brain. Since 75% of the brain is water, drinking a glass or two of water when you are feeling tired or sleepy, will help replenish the fluid levels and thus improve your cognitive functioning. If you are at work and feeling tired or if you are up for a big presentation that you need to focus on, drink a glass of water to help you brush of the tiredness.  Also fatigue can be sign of dehydration, thus drinking water directly  gives your brain the boost it needs to focus.

Drinking water at right times can be a literal life saver. There are many benefits of keeping your body hydrated. Follow the 8 glasses water schedule every day and drink them at the right times, as mentioned here to achieve the maximum health benefits.

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