13 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day With Your Special Someone – 2019

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you might be wondering what to do this Valentine’s Day with your partner? Whether you guys have been together for a long time or just started dating, you can make this Valentine unforgettable by creating lasting memories together.

Here are some handpicked romantic gift ideas for your partner as well as fun activities that you can try with your special this Valentine’s Day. Take a look at our list and no matter what you guys choose to do, rest assured you are going to enjoy your time to the fullest.

Valentine's day 2019

Recreate your first date

Reignite the romance, by going back to where it all started. Fall in love again with your special someone by going on that first date a second time. If you still remember the details than wear the same dress and go to the same restaurant and order the same food and drinks that you did on that magical night.

Take a trip

Make a Valentine day or weekend trip to some place you have never been before, but always wanted to visit. Gather inspiration from online romantic getaway listing and head to that that lovely location, you always wanted to visit together.

Take a trip to the spa

One of the perfect gift for Valentine day is to book a couples massage for both you and your special person. Everyone loves to be pampered and there could be a few things more romantic than unwinding together, in the ultimate relaxing environment of a spa.

Cook dinner together

Going out to a fancy restaurant is fun but cooking a meal at home together can be equally romantic. Even if both of you don’t have the world’s best culinary skills, you can still cook a memorable dinner that both of you will like.

Bake a Valentine’s day cake

Valentine's day Cake
Valentine cake

Pies, cupcakes or a Valentine’s Day cake can up your romance factor. Use your imaginations and bake a nice heart shaped Valentine’s Day cake with your special someone and reignite the romance between the two of you.

Write love letters to each other

If you haven’t ever written a love to your special person, you can do it this Valentine’s Day. Pen down your heartfelt emotions and well wishes on paper, tell them what you admire about them and how you fell in love with them. This could be one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Send your partner on a treasure hunt

If you love showering your partner with gifts, then arrange a Valentine day special treasure hunt for your special person and send them hunting for their present. You can lead the paths in rose petals and drop handwritten clues here and there.

Enjoy music together

Your expression of love doesn’t always have to be overt romantic gestures. Simple things like booking a room at your partner’s favorite Karaoke bar can be much more romantic. You can enjoy and have fun together by singing your favorite numbers together.

Make something together

Whether you guys like DIY crafts or painting or be it pottery. You can make your Valentine’s Day special by making something together. Make and actual item for your home and cherish the memory it will treasure forever. You can also make handmade gifts for one another and express your heart felt emotions through these tokens of love.

Have a romantic movie night

Enjoy your evening cuddling with your special someone, with a bucket of popcorn and both of your all-time favorite rom coms on. Settle in your couch with your partner and flick way your favorite romantic movies of all time, one after another.

Enjoy some nice cocktails

Although getting drunk on Valentine’s Day may not seem like a good idea but you can always whip up some Valentine Day themed cocktail with your special person. You can make some great festive themed drink for each other after dinner, ending the Valentine day with a homemade punch.

Have an indoor picnic

Having an indoor picnic can be a very romantic way to spend time with your special person. Decorate your indoors with string lights and lay cozy blankets and set up a dinner arrangement and pop champagne for your date.

Try a wine and dine theater

This valentine day you can visit a wine and dine theater with your loved one. Nothing could better than a nice movie and a lovely glass of wine in your hands in a cozy setting with your partner. Most of the wine and dine theatres also have blankets for all the pods which makes it even better for cuddling up to your partner.

Romance doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture of love. It is also about the simple things that you do, which your partners love. With one of these 13 ideas, you can surprise your partner and make them feel special on this Valentine’s Day and end up enjoying a nice romantic time together.

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