Stylish and fashionable outfits ideas for the winter 2018

According to every season people dress up. Winter time also certain kinds of outfits that one can wear in a very stylish manner. I am listing below few items which will help to keep you warm as well as look extremely stylish.

1. Scarves/ Stoles

Scarves or stoles are available in different colours and prints. You can opt for floral prints or animal prints or go for plain solid colour or even the embroidered ones. Whatever you are wearing just wrap it around your neck. This will make the entire look more stylish and also u can combat with the weather. Blanket scarf is a must have winter outfit idea girl should have in wardrobe. Scarf is the bestie for travellers and it is important on winter trip to maintain your body heat.

2. Sweaters

There are many people who find sweaters boring but a simple black cardigan for a casual day or a sweater with a bit sequence can jazz up a casual look. Moreover you can try out different kinds of necklines for sweater and also team it up with a scarf or stole.

3. Coats

This is a staple outfit for places where temperatures come down badly. Coats are available in different prints and bright colours. If you like sticking to the typical check pattern then you can try and experiment with the colour palette. You can wear any top or shirt paired with jeans and a bright red - black or yellow - black check coat. This will keep you warm and also stylish. If one coat is not enough, you can try one more to look warm and stylish.

4. Long Sleeves

We always search for long sleeved clothes during winter time but if you are a fashionista or you are interested in experimenting then go for extra long sleeves like 4 inches more than your actual full sleeve length. It’s a celebrity approved style and worn quite a lot in the runway.

5. Turtle Neck

We often try not to wear out turtle neck sweaters as it hides out fancy costume completely. This winter you can try by first wearing the turtle neck sweater and on top of it wear you midi or long dress. This will amp up your style quotient and also keep you warm from the harsh weather.

6. Leggings

This product is a staple product found in our wardrobes but often neglected. This time try and pair the leggings with the top or even a dress if you want and a cosy look will be created.

7. Blazzer:

A girl’s crucial wardrobe for every occasion and for every season is Blazzer. Structured balzzer is good to go on skirt and feels feminine look.

Just go for darker patterns for a stylish winter look along with ankle boots, sneakers, fur scarf, chunky sweater, leggings, loafers, moto jacket, long ankle-grazing coat worn with vintage jeans and knee – high leather boots are just to pass on winter

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