How to look Attractive with a Curvy body on the Wedding Night

When it comes to shopping for a wedding, it can be quite stressful and exhausting. This is particularly true if you are the bride. This is the time when you have butterflies in your stomach and your nerves will be all over the place. It’s not just triggered by the nervousness of a married life, but at the same time, the thought that you need to look attractive and beautiful on that special day would kill you!! It would be even more worrisome for you if you have a curvy structure. When it comes to women with a curvy body, they need to be extra careful with their dress and makeup. The whole idea is to cover up all those areas that might look odd. Thankfully, there are means which can be used to make you look very attractive on that special day.

In the following section, you will be offered a couple of useful tips that might help you to look gorgeous and stunning on that special day.

How to look Fabulous on your Wedding Night with a Curvy Body?

Pick a Proper Lehenga: If you have a curvy body, in that case, you need to be aware of the shape of your body. Are you a pear or an apple? Make sure that you opted for an umbrella or flared cut umbrellas. You need to keep in mind that a mermaid cut, which comes in tight fittings, should be avoided at any cost. You can also opt for high waist lehengas which would be appropriate to hide your tummy and other areas of concern.

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Excessive Bling should be Avoided: It is true that when it comes to an Indian wedding, it is all about glamour and glitz. However, if you are curvy in terms of shape, in that case, the bling needs to be toned down so that you can avoid being over bulky. It is also advisable to avoid shiny fabrics like metallic thread fabrics and high-shine stains. The reason being, they tend to reflect light and that would make you look even larger.

Carefully pick your Fabric: If you have a curvy body, then it is recommended that you opt for fabrics which are lighter like georgette, stain, pure silk or even crepe. You should always avoid using velvet and other thick fabrics which will add extra and unwanted volume and would make you look even bulkier than what you are. Also, make sure to avoid using fabrics which are overly clingy, like chiffon and Lycra. They will be tight fittings and will expose the areas of your body which you are looking to hide desperately.

The Neckline needs to be Watched: Let’s be very candid with this. If you are on the bulkier side, in that case plunging necklines are not the best option for you. As a matter of fact, you need to avoid them by all means. The blouse’s neckline plays a major role when it comes to giving proper shape to your wedding dress and match you wedding with wedding jewellery that keeps elegant.

The fact that you have a curvy body, in that case, square necklines or v-neck would suit you best. If you are heavy on the top, in that case, make sure that high neckline is being avoided as they would make you look even heavier and bulkier, your neck would also look shorter than what it actually is. Make sure that you avoided boat necks; they will make the shoulders appear broader than what they actually are.

Too much of Colors should be Avoided: It is a fact that if you put on too much of color, then it will make you look larger than what you actually are. As a curvy woman, it’s a slimming appearance that you should look for. So it is advisable to opt for a single color or same shade of colors from the same family. Your entire outfit, like you dupatta, lehenga should be based on this color.

These are some of the dressing tips which will come handy on that special night if you are a curvy lady. Apart from these, also make sure that your hair is properly dressed. Opting for a bun updo will make you look taller and slimmer

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