How to keep your baby healthy during winters?

The weather outside seems frightful but the diet need not be. There are winter foods that boost health and immunity. As the temperature drops daily, you may be worried about your child’s nutrition. You are keeping him warm with winter clothes but are you keeping him nourished? Every mom should be careful of baby nutrition in winter.

Winter is that time of the year when infants are most susceptible to getting infections, cough, cold, flu, viral fevers, etc. As a parent, you may adopt several ways to avoid the symptoms of cold and flu from showing up. Keep a watch over his diet and maintain healthy diet. The baby must consume fruits and veggies in the needed quantity. Good nutrition is important for proper immunity system. Feed your baby soups and juices made from fruits and green veggies. Soups can provide essential nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Keep your baby hydrated for it is necessary. Similar to these, you can follow several tips to baby nutrition in the winter season.

Moms must get enough of Vitamin D

If it is a newborn baby and you are breastfeeding, it is essential to intake sufficient Vitamin D from your diet. Vitamin D that you consume through the diet will be transferred to the baby. Indeed, what you eat moves to the baby. Be careful about your diet. Breastmilk is very vital to safeguard the baby from illnesses since it has all the beneficial properties. Breastmilk supplies many essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Consume food stuffs like mushroom, salmon, fortified beverages to boost Vitamin D.

Superfoods for 1-2 year old baby

• Winter nutrition is very important if you want to safeguard your baby from illnesses.

• There are various veggies and fruits that you may feed. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C which improves absorption of iron.

• Raspberries are worth considering since it is rich in ellagic acid. Raspberry can safeguard from Cancer. Raspberries have all the fiber and vitamin while fewer calories.

• Lychees is also a great source of vitamins and fiber. It adds to the sweetness of the diet or food stuff.

• Blackberry is extremely rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin E protects arteries and heart.

• You may also feed tomato soup in small quantity as it is rich in lycopene. The antioxidant pigment called licopene can safeguard from heart diseases and cancer.

• Carrot soup is again rich in Vitamin A to improve vision. Being a fabulous source of Beta Carotene, it boosts Vitamin A in body.

• Bright colored vegetables have phytochemicals to prevent cancer and heart diseases. Tomatoes, beans, carrots are all bright colored veggies.

Proper nutrition is mandatory

Proper winter nutrition is mandatory for babies as they only depend on breastmilk. In the initial 6 months, you need to be serious about breast feeding. Make sure you consume enough to fruits and veggies, vitamin-rich diet to ensure that the baby gets enough of nutrients from the milk. When you are lactating, you should be very careful of what you are eating. Focus on healthy fats like seeds, avocado, nuts. The diet should be a balanced one. Consume an addition 500 calories per day to meet the nutrition need of your baby.

Meat is equally important

Deficiency of iron is the leading cause of anemia. Meat is the first and foremost food you must consider for baby winter nutrition. Chicken puree or turkey puree is rich source of zinc, protein, iron to keep your baby warm. If the baby is under 6 months, you may feed chicken puree and later on introduce it in different flavors. You may also add prunes to aid digestion.

Rest is also important

It is also important for your baby to take adequate rest to stay away from illnesses. If the baby suffers from fever or any kind of infection, it is more essential for him to rest. Proper rest can cure the illness faster.
When the baby is 2 year old, try and add less spice to the food. Adding spices will keep him warm and cozy. Turmeric, ginger and garlic are immune boosting spices. Prepare chicken curry, fish curry with less spice or vegetable soup with carrots, asparagus and courgettes. Add spices like turmeric, ginger roots and garlic. You have to be more cautious about baby nutrition when it is winters.

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