Top 10 ways to warm in winter and stay stylish

So, winter is finally here. Winter, the season of layering up, the season of coughing. There are many who look best during winters while others look the worst. There are those that just stay warm and look the worst. However, there are ways to look stylish and stay warm at the same time. Have a closer look at the wardrobe for it is the time when the fabrics gain more prominence. If the temperature is single-digit, simply stow your woolen garments and linen. Layer up in style and give up heavyweight dressing options. Here are the top 10 fashion insider tips to staying warm and looking great all throughout the season.

Don’t get stuck up in the rut and dress up in a stylish manner by following this section. There isn’t any need to resort to drab all-black outfit.

Cashmere overcoat can do the wonders

You may feel that cashmere is expensive but it is far better than woolen clothes. There isn’t any need for layering when you wear Cashmere. It is up to three times warmer and more insulating than woolen garments. So, to stay warm, you have to be less bulky. The fiber Cashmere is not even 19 micron in width. You may also test cashmere by rubbing the fabric against the palm. If that feels oily, it is just the wool of lamb and don’t buy it.

You may buy cashmere overcoat if the budget is good. If the budget is not good, buy a cashmere-wool blend overcoat. Don’t forget to buy cashmere muffler or scarf.

Settle for Cashmere jumpers for they are cost effective and can keep you warm.

Fleece is again cheaper than wool

Invented in the year 1979, fleece is cheaper alternative to wool. Polar fleece can retain heat for greater number of hours. It not only retains heat in the body but also wicks away moisture. When it is cold, you got to have a fleece jacket in your wardrobe. You may wear fleece jacket on a T-Shirt and wash jeans. To highlight the property of fleece jacket, pair it up with sweatshirt or your stylish fleece joggers.

Wool is the best insulator

Merino Wool, in particular, is nature’s best insulator. Whether you wear it in tweed, mohair or worsted, wool has stood the test of times and has ability to stand the worst of weather conditions. If Cashmere is beyond your budget, go for Merino Wool. It is super absorbent, breathable and so it makes for the perfect base layer. It can regulate the heat of the body and also wick away moisture.

Corduroy suits to look more stylish

The favorite fabric Corduroy has now become the fashion forward. Thicker wale implies heavy fabric and hence more heat is trapped. You may match your outfit with Corduroy suit to look the best. The trucker jacket featuring Sherpa lining will never dent your wallet.

Shearling can keep you warm and cozy

Are you a military man looking for dependable and functional menswear? You may go for Shearling to stay warm and cozy. Made from sheepskin, the jacket was previously meant for only pilots and military guys. But, now the fashion of Shearling has evolved and it is perfect to flaunt it during winters.

Stylish ways to stay warm during winters

• It is very stylish to add up winter elements here and there. Instead of wearing one thick leather jacket, you can accessorize your winter clothing by carrying winter elements. Upon your winter frock, you may wear a stylish fleece Stoll to compliment your looks. This will not only act as winter accessory but also warm your dress up.

• Wear two dresses and layer up to stay warm. You may pair a longer and shorter dress to look stylish. It is better to pair up interesting, striking textures and patterns.

• Accessorize with thick winter boots to complete your winter outfit. Pair up a long jacket and knee high boots to look fabulous

• Wear your baggy pieces over the jeans and don’t wait for Spring to come. Layer up tunic, tent dress and baby doll over your jeans. Underneath you may wear loose fitting dress, but accessorize it with tunic, woolen scarf and wear sunglasses.

• Layer it over a sweatshirt and you look more fashionable. Wear strapless dresses beneath the comfy sweatshirt.

Girls and boys, you can be stylish and stay warm by following the above stated styles of winter dressing. Carry one style each day and rule the show.

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