Steps every mom should follow to take care of baby during winters

Winter season is finally here and your little one is bundled up in woolen sweater, cap, woolen gloves and socks. Winter season can really be hard on tender skin of a baby. You need to adopt certain steps to care for the baby healthy during winters.

As the skin of the baby is too soft and delicate, you need to be concerned of the baby health and skin. Know one thing that babies are extremely sensitive to sudden temperature changes. Make sure the baby is not too warm or cold. This can cause skin rashes and irritation. Even when it is winter, your baby can get overheated. This will happen when you bundle up your small wonder in thick woolen clothes for a long time. If the baby feels hot for a long time, there may be rashes all over the skin.

If the sweat glands get clogged by chance, it will cause the appearance of red bumps on the skin. So, follow this section to know how to care for the baby.
Tips to dressing up the baby

Don’t overload your baby with sweaters and blankets. Instead, try to know the requirements of the baby. Through the climate you may come to know to what extent layering is required. Make sure the dress is breathable and you remove it when the baby feels hot. If there are rashes on the skin, use dermatologist recommended skin cream to get rid of rashes.

Loose fitting, breathable and lightweight clothing is required to dress up the baby. Buy comfort clothes for the baby made from wool material. I have seen many moms who over-bundle their baby and this leads to overheating. This is not desired.

So, the first step to caring for the baby during winters is dressing him properly.

Don’t confine him to single heavy clothing but rather dress him in layers like onion. Buy the following stuffs:

• Proper head gear
• Comfy socks
• Mittens
• Snowsuits

Watch out for frost bite, if any. Cover the baby immediately with warm blanket if you notice any.

Caring for the skin

The chilly wind may wreck havoc on the little one’s soft cheeks and pink lips. Use hypoallergenic, fragrance-free mild lotion to moisturize your baby. Protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun is required even when it is winter. Take advice from a pediatrician regarding his vaccination timing, sleep timing, baby skin care and similar things. Follow the baby skincare tips given below:

• Do moisturize baby skin by using a mild lotion. Make sure you warm your palms by rubbing them before touching the baby.

• The lips of baby are always wet. They have the tendency to lick the lips while their nose drips often. This can cause excessive drying of lips and the instance of chapped lips. Use petroleum jelly to moisturize the lips. This will create a barrier between the baby skin and the outside climate.

• Skin can become tender and red due to Frostnip. All the exposed regions of baby’s body are susceptible to getting frostnip. Exposed finger, toes, and hands are susceptible to Frostnip. Use proper covering like hat, hood, and dress him in mitten. If the skin of the baby is red for a prolonged period of time, you should give him warm water bath.

• If the weather is too cold outside, bundle up the baby prior to leaving. This will prevent red and rough cheeks from showing. Skin of the baby may get inflamed due to excessive drying and chapping. To create natural barrier, cover the cheeks of the baby by using petroleum jelly. This will surely cure chapped skin.

• Use SPF 30 plus sunscreen lotion to save from skin cancer. For the initial 6 months, choose sunscreen containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide.

• Avoid using shampoo and soap regularly when bathing the baby. A non-perfumed moisturizer must be used regularly.

• Scalp of the baby is equally important. Cradle Cap is pretty common scalp condition which is harmless and goes away automatically. If you notice

Cradle Cap, massage the scalp of the baby with olive oil or baby oil.
Buy good quality diapers and make sure they aren’t too tight. Change the diaper as soon as soiling takes place. Use nappy cream to prevent diaper rashes. Use almond oil or olive oil and massage the body.

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