Tips - How to prepare for pregnancy?

So, you are ready to get pregnant. Congratulations on your decision! If it is your first child, then it may lead to a lot of apprehensions. You should know how to prepare for pregnancy. First off, you already know what is pregnancy and what to do in case of an early pregnancy as your doctor would have told you. Next, you need to follow some pregnancy planning tips as well.

There are some steps you need to follow to prepare your body for conception. If you are planning to conceive for the first time, make sure the hormone is balanced. Any imbalance of hormone might lead to problems. Well, there can be various reasons for hormonal imbalance such as poor nutrition, environmental toxins, too much stress, and an excessive use of beauty products. Self-care is most important both in the pre-pregnancy stage and all through the pregnancy phase. Your immunity system will also get stronger when you do the needful.

Stop taking those birth control pills

If you have been taking birth control pills, then discontinue its usage. Stop using contraceptives to be pregnant easily. There are women who get periods within the 2 weeks of stopping birth control pills, and therefore, it begins the cycle of trying to conceive. Well, some women get pregnant easily while others may take a few months. Stop taking these pills during pregnancy.

Schedule a visit to the gynecologist

You don’t need to wait for the time of delivery to visit a doctor. There isn’t a need to approach a midwife but you need to call your doctor to schedule a pre-conception check-up. The doctor carries out a health checkup and also assesses the family medical history. If you are using any supplement or a medicine, let your doctor know about it. There are certain medications that are not at all safe for pregnancy. So, before you try to conceive, you need to stop them. The medical practitioner checks your weight, sugar level, discusses out your eating habits and recommends a healthy diet and certain multivitamins. If there is any medical condition diagnosed, the doctor may also suggest you a specialist. Before trying to conceive, the doctor also calls for a genetic carrier screening. If you or your partner is the carrier of any disease, your child is also likely to have it.

Get sufficient micronutrients from your diet

In your diet, you should include protein and fat in sufficient quantity. Mainstream nutrition in the current times centers on vegetarianism and veganism, but this is not sufficient. For long-term good health and vitality, it is must to consume macronutrients from the diet. A woman trying to conceive must take into consideration the macronutrients she is getting. Make sure you are not deficient in minerals and vitamins in any way. For this, you may evaluate the entire spectrum of nutrients you get from the diet. Infertility is the number-1 response when the body is not nourished. Get advice on the best pre pregnancy diet plan that you should follow.

Pregnancy can strain your body’s nutritional storehouse. You may incorporate multivitamin into your diet and consume it regularly. This will make up for any deficiency in the diet and bridge the gap. Prenatal fertility vitamins will give your body an energy boost and supply the body with essential nutrients you require for healthy conception.

If you are planning to conceive, start a prenatal vitamin supplement now to avoid any nutritional deficiency.

Folic acid supplement is a must

Besides the prenatal vitamin, you should also take the folic acid supplement on a regular basis. A folate supplement is very much required in order to avoid neural tube defect. The daily dose of folic acid required for healthy conception is between 400-800mgs. Before you buy any folic acid supplement, check the label properly. This is one of the vital pieces of pregnancy information that you should always keep in mind.

Eat a balanced diet

There are women who start consuming a balanced diet while incorporating lots of minerals and vitamin-rich food. Avoid consuming processed food and go for whole grain food. For healthy conception and delivery, you should incorporate green veggies and fruits into your diet.

Stock up your refrigerator with healthy and nutritious foods

Ok! You aren’t eating for two yet. But, it is necessary to consume a nutritious diet. For this, your refrigerator must be stocked with healthy and nutritious foods. Make sure you consume 2-3 cups of veggies and at least a cup of fresh fruits. You must consume milk, whole grains and avoid unhealthy trans fat. Eat nuts, seeds, beans, meats and poultry, and other protein sources.

Exercising is equally important

To prepare for conception, it is necessary to exercise for 4-5 days a week. You can indulge in moderate activity for 30 minutes each day of the week. Be active and do your own grocery shopping, go for jogging, hiking, and brisk walking. The more you exercise, the more benefits you get. Exercising regularly will benefit your health simultaneously.

Other tips you can follow

There are a number of things you can do to prepare your body for conception. Other tips besides the basic ones are given below:

• Sleep for 8 hours
• Don’t be stressed out or rather check your stress levels. Meditate regularly
• Get intimate with menstrual cycle and track your periods
• Limit toxic exposure
• Don’t drink
• Don’t smoke
• Visit your doctor for regular health check-ups
• Have unprotected sex quite frequently

I have followed all the above steps and didn’t face any problem in conception and delivery. Don’t make this experience a stressful one. Indeed, pregnancy or conception is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life, but before you get pregnant, prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. Get enough sleep, drink water in sufficient quantity. Be happy and cheerful all the while. All the best!

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