A guide to choosing the right color for your skin tone

Are you wondering what colors to choose as per your skin tone? The choice of hues can make huge difference to the way you look. If the colors are chosen with care, they will compliment your looks and add to your complexion.

Choose hues that go well with your skin color. Doing so will enhance your looks.

With such kaleidoscopic color range, it gets harder to make the choice of hues. Before you shop for dresses online or look yourself up in the mirror of the trial room, follow some rules to choosing maxi dresses in certain hues. When taking a buying action, you got to consider your complexion. It is important to know your complexion and not be misguided by fake complements.

Have a closer look at your forearms and know your complexion. You need to determine whether you are dark skinned, pale or olive. Your complexion will determine the color which would rule your wardrobe.

Pale and Fair skin- follow the color rule

Do you have light brown or blonde hair? Are you freckled? You may be trying to shade from harmful sun’s rays. If you have light features and pale skin, then choose contrasting color as that would add to your complexion. To contrast the pale skin color, you may wear dresses in hues like brown, bottle green, grey or burghandy. Bolder shade like deep blue color can do wonders.

As a fair-skinned person, you should avoid colors like pastel shades, soft shade or extremely bright shades. This same applies to neutral skinned as well. Try and avoid colors like light beige or white but rather opt for rich shades like camel, sand or slate grey and khaki.

It is highly recommended that you wear something in dark color like brown, black or navy blue. Try and avoid Red color.

Medium Skin or Olive

Do you have olive-toned skin complexion? You have to be choosy about the color of outfit. If the skin gets tanned under the scorching rays of the sun, then it is warm complexion. You can choose a wide range of colors than fair or cool complexion people might choose. On your complexion, any of the hues may suit. But, make sure you don’t opt for middle ground. It means that you should either choose darker shade or bright shade. Don’t go for warm sand but rather choose pale beige. This will suit your complexion best. You may also go for bolder purple or magenta shade rather than mauve.

When it is summer, you can look your best in all-white outfit or rather in mix and match color. Light neutral will work the best for you. Light color is highly recommended for summers. Pair up white linen shirt with stony chinos. This will only accentuate your complexion.

Try and avoid colors like green and yellow as your skin has these undertones. Don’t wear something which is very close to the skin complexion. This is the golden rule for all. Don’t allow skin tone to blend with the color. If you do so then it will be like going nude. Skin color dresses is absolute ‘No’ for medium complexion people.

What shade to choose if you have dark skin tone?

If you are dark complexioned, you can look your best by choosing dresses in certain hues. Well, there isn’t any need for trepidation as guys with black color skin may try out any of the hues. Your skin tone can perfectly marry with any of the colors or hues. You have wide range of options. You don’t have a risk of being washed off like in case of pale skin tones. You may wear something in bright and bold colors, but make sure you attain a sort of color balance in the outfit. Go for cobalt blue, jade green to hold the look together.

You should try to avoid brown color. Brown color won’t contrast with your skin tone. It will wash out your dark complexion. Don’t go for black or navy for that can mar your looks.

You must also be mindful to the complements you get from others when you flaunt an outfit. If they say you are looking awesome, you should pay attention to the color of your dress.

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