Post Pregnancy Tips And Diet Chart

The Post-pregnancy phase is an important phase since a lot of nutrients and blood is lost while giving birth to a baby. I have gained a lot of weight after I had two children and this was really a problem for me. I have never been fat since my childhood days and so carrying excessive weight around was quite difficult. Besides, I couldn’t even skip the meals for the post-pregnancy period is the time to reimburse lost energy and nutrients. I also had a lot of health complications while giving birth and so I have to stick to a proper pregnancy diet plan to regain the lost energy and to take care of my baby as usual. If you are wondering what to include and what to exclude from the post-pregnancy diet plan, then you can follow this section.

As a mother’s milk is the best source of nutrients for the baby, you must make sure to include all the crucial elements into your diet. Every mom in the post-pregnancy phase must include eggs or at least green veggies and fresh fruits. If you are a vegetarian, do consume oranges, legumes and blueberry. Start your day with a healthy breakfast incorporating whole grain cereal and also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Your doctor can suggest you a pregnancy diet plan as per your nutrient needs. If you follow the diet plan and stick to it, you may get maximum benefits from it.

Losing weight in a healthy manner

I understand! You have gained a lot of weight following pregnancy and delivery. It is possible to shed those extra pounds after the baby birth. Yes, it is ok! You have to think about the timings to feed your baby, change his nappy and take the supplements. Load up superfoods, exercise regularly and breastfeed your child to lose weight. Yes! These are healthy ways of getting back into shape.

If you have just gained 25-30 pounds of weight after pregnancy, it won’t be a problem and it will hardly take a few months time to get back into shape. You will have your former shape or pre-pregnancy weight in a matter of a few months. Then, if you weren’t overweight, it won’t take much time to return to the pre-pregnancy weight. What you need is patience and determination to lose weight. Eat a balanced and healthy diet to accomplish the weight loss goals. Post-pregnancy phase is already stressful for the new moms, and if you starve yourself, it can lead to stress and cause further weight gain. Stay energetic by eating healthy snacks following a meal if you are hungry. You may consume wheat crackers, carrot sticks and apple slices. Even if you are breastfeeding, try to restrict yourself to 1800 calories a day. Ask your doctor to design a personalised eating plan. Choose nutrient-rich foods as you have done before.

A healthy pregnancy diet has loads of superfoods to provide maximum nutrition to a nursing mom. The food should be nutritious while being low in fat and light in calories. Include fish in your pregnancy chart for it is packed with Omega-3 fatty acid so much needed for healthy brain development of the fetus. Include sardines, tuna and salmon for they are the finest sources of DHA.

High in calcium, milk and curd should also form the part of your diet. They are rich in calcium to pave the way for stronger bones. Well, you cannot even forget beans, chicken and lean meat that are outstanding sources of fiber and protein while being low in fat.

Can breastfeeding help?

Yes! Breastfeeding can help you return to your previous weight sooner. Breastfeeding is also good for your baby’s health. It strengthens the immunity system while provides all the essential nutrients to the baby. If you are a nursing mom, you should consume 300calories more than average. But, don’t eat whatever you want. Stick to your diet plan.

Drink lots of water to gain essential nutrients and take a brisk walk with the baby. You should walk for 4-5 hours a week at least. This will help a lot.

What to exclude from the diet?

You should limit your intake of spices, kiwi fruit, chocolates, all the gassy veggies, laxative fruits. Get plenty of rest and if you face any problem, take help. When it comes to exercise, your doctor can say whether you should exercise or not. This applies to both pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy phase. Consume folic acid foods for pregnancy to support your fetus.

The items to incorporate

In the pregnancy diet plan, the doctor will ask you to include the following items:

• Dairy products are a good source of calcium and should be included in the diet. But, make sure it is low in fat. Milk is rich in Vitamin D and has bone-strengthening potential.
• Legumes are rich in iron, and mostly the dark-coloured ones like kidney beans and black beans.
• Blueberries are yummy and satiating. If consumed in a sufficient quantity, it will provide a healthy dose of minerals, vitamins, nutrients and carbohydrates.
• To boost your energy level, you can consume brown rice.
• If you are breastfeeding, then don’t forget to eat citrus fruits. Vitamin C-rich diet is good for breastfeeding moms
• Eggs can boost the level of DHA fatty acids. Consume it in sufficient quantity
• Whole-grain pasta and breads offer the required dose of iron

Just like you have followed pre pregnancy care tips, you should follow the above mentioned post-pregnancy diet tips given above. Refer to the post-pregnancy chart quite often so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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