Interesting Facts About Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner and hardly a week away. One of the commonest symbols of Christmas and holiday season is a Christmas tree. It is the part of Christmas celebration since the age-old times. People of various backgrounds and cultures have embraced the Christmas tree and made it the part of their family tradition. The very image of the Christmas tree is that of elegance, beauty, and has a religious connotation. Did you ever think about its origin? Or have you tried to know more about the Christmas tree and how its origin is associated with the holiday season? If you are saying ‘No’ to all such questions, then you are not alone. There are many people, who have never thought about Christmas facts, the significance of the Christmas tree and how it is associated with the celebration. Here are the ten sentences about Christmas tree, the associated interesting facts about it.

The interesting history of the Christmas tree dates back to almost 2 millennia. Christmas tree is a must-have for those who celebrate Christmas. Indeed, in the Christmas celebration, the tree is the centre of attraction. Know one thing that Christians were not the ones to admire or popularize Christmas tree initially. The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree and making it the part of Christmas celebration is around 2000 years old. It started from the era of Pagans who worshipped lush and evergreen trees for they stood for fertility. It was only between 1500 and 1600s that people of Eastern Europe and Latvia started decorating the Christmas tree. This tradition was then adopted by the Germans as per the Cass.

Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s husband brought this tradition of decorating the Christmas tree to England. It happened around 1840, and as per Cass, the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree began when the Royal Family was clicked with a well decorated Christmas tree. The commoners also started this practice of having a Christmas tree during the Christmas celebration.

The most popular Christmas tree is definitely Nordmann Fir

In entire Europe, the Nordmann Fir has been the popular Christmas tree. From Europe, its popularity also spread to the USA. Nordmann Fir is preferred much more than other kinds of evergreen trees since it has a fabulous needle retention property. The needles are not at all hard but are soft and also suitable for people suffering from allergies. If anyone is unable to tolerate the smell of the Christmas Tree, then Nordmann Fir is a preferred option for it lacks an aroma.

Most of the Christmas Trees grow on the farms

Christmas tree history is really interesting but more interesting is the fact that more than 90% of the trees grow on the farms only. Millions of Christmas trees grow on the farms meant specifically for growing Christmas trees. As per the University of Illinois, it is interesting to know that just 2-3% of Christmas trees are picked from the wild.

Well, the Christmas tree can have those pesky bugs

This is one of the lesser known facts about Christmas Tree. You never know that the Christmas tree you brought to your home has thousands of pesky critters. No matter how fresh the tree, it can have bugs and pesky critters. You may not know that Christmas trees carry a lot of microorganisms, insects and bugs. Before you bring the tree inside your home, just shake it pretty well. Only after doing so, you can use your Christmas tree decoration ideas.

Most of the Christmas tree farms are in the USA

Interestingly, there are more than 15,000 Christmas tree farms only in the USA. This contributes a lot to the economy of the USA. More than 1lac people are employed into the Christmas tree industry and earn their livelihood through it. This information comes from the National Christmas Tree Association.

Martin Luther began the tradition of decorating Christmas Tree with lights

Martin Luther of 16th Century is given the credit of decorating the Christmas tree first with lights. He was the first one who added lighted candles to the tree, and henceforth, this became popular. It so happened, that he was moving towards his home when the site of brilliant and fiery stars twinkling between the lush and evergreen trees drew his attention. He went to home and recaptured the same site for the whole family by decorating a Christmas tree with lights.

Artificial trees became popular in Germany

In the 19th century, artificial Christmas Tree became popular in Germany. From there, it became popular in the United States of America. Artificial Christmas trees were made from goose feather attached to the wire branches. A central dowel rod acted as the trunk and the wires were fastened to it.

Top 8 leading producers of Christmas tree

There are mainly 8 states in the world that are the leading producers of Christmas tree. They are Washington, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Christmas tree was hung upside down

Among the Slavic Groups, Christmas trees were hung upside down. It was hung upside down through the ceiling.

Christmas Trees are recyclable

There are various Christmas tree recycling programs to use Christmas tree for making soil and sand erosion barriers.

It might even take 15 years for the Christmas tree to reach its typical height

Generally, a Christmas tree takes more than 10-12 years to reach the full height. As per the National Christmas Tree Association, the tree can reach a height of 7 feet in 15 years’ time.

So, that’s all! The Christmas tree is associated with holidays and festivity and is a value symbol for the Christians. Merry Christmas!

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