20 Best New Year Party Destinations In India

India is a place of various natural beauty, if you are a tourist then you must have heard the famous tourists’ spots in this country. Once you start your journey in India, you will find so many amazing places to travel around and each place holds their own significance.

Every New Year people like to travel to new places and the best tourist flow gathers in India. The residents of the country and as well as from other countries. There are so many places worthy of traveling in India at this time of the year. If you are looking for some perfect destinations here we have listed the same for you. These are the best places for a New Year celebration in India.

1. Goa

The stunning beach of Goa

The first name for tourist destination for the new year in Goa. If you are looking for warm weather and beach, you will certainly get it from here. The entire atmosphere of Goa is fun-filled as every year from December to January several beach parties are held here.

2. Puducherry

Relish the peaceful atmosphere of Puducherry formerly known as Pondicherry. Experience the French buildings and the Aurobindo Yoga ashram’ in here. The small beach will make you feel all religious and you will not want to leave this very place sooner.

3. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Peace, serenity, and ocean all will be one place if you visit these islands of India. Know more about British history from the infamous Cellular Jail. Get to know about the history of this once notorious place.

4. Gangtok, Sikkim

If you are a lover of mountains and bone shattering cold and snow, your New Year destination is Gangtok, Sikkim. You can visit this place any time of the year except the monsoon. Your love for snow will be satiated in Gangtok and you won’t forget the snowy experience ever.

5. Lakshadweep

Pack your bags and get a trip to Lakshadweep from Ernakulam. You can make your trip in a ship or can book a flight as well. The entire place is a combination of 36 islands and its major attraction are the coral reefs. You can try out the amazing scuba diving and snorkeling in here.

6. Gokarna, Karnataka

Another beautiful pace in south India is Gokarna. If you are a religious person then you can visit this place to see the Lord Mahabhaleshwara. This very place is also a fine one for the beach lovers as well. Book the tickets earlier and enjoy the peaceful journey in this New Year with your friends and family.

7. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Enjoy the infamous Manali in this New Year and experience the snow mountains near you. Manali is filled with all the convenience for the tourists and you will have no problem for looking for a hotel or a restaurant here. You can walk around in the Manali mall, shop and can visit the uphill Durga temple as well.

8. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Visit the misty climate of the man-made lake of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. You can stay in Ooty and can take a trip here in the daytime as well. Enjoy the coffee plantation that surrounds the entire lake.

9. Udaipur, Rajasthan

If you are not much for cold and rather want to visit the warmer side of India in this New Year, then your destination is Udaipur, Rajasthan. Experience beauty of Jalmahal and the ancient, beautiful forts.

10. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

If you want to see the desert in this country pack your bags for Jaisalmer. Experience the beauty of the desert and ride some camels too! You can stay in the desert camps as well to see the nighttime beauty.

11. Mumbai

The city of nightlife in Mumbai. If you are looking for an extreme fun-filled holiday this New Year, then bring your friends with you in this metropolitan city of India. You will not forget the vada pav, or the other famous food and the nightlife in here.

12. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Experience the various eye-searing beauty of orchids and the natural beauty of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh.

13. Allapuzha

Bask in the beauty of Kerala backwater, and spend some days in here with your friends. Taste the authentic food of Kerala and you can stay at the boathouse on the backwater.

14. Shillong

The paradise of the east where if you visit any time of the year and will not find any extremity of weather. Experience the beautiful waterfalls in the entire Shillong.

15. Varanasi

Visit the city of temples here and enjoy the riverside arati. If you are not much of a religious person, Varanasi will make you feel something at least.

16. Bangalore

If you have all party in mind, then pack your bags and head for the city of Bangalore. The InfoTech city is nowhere behind when it comes to the party. Not without nothing is it sometimes referred to as the coolest place in India.

17. Kutch

Experience the salty desert of India and make sure that you are visiting this place especially under the moonlight. Your tour will be worth it.

18. Kolkata

Don’t forget to visit the city of joy, and at least visit once to experience the various old British culture here. Also, try out the best cuisine in this city.

19. Ladakh

Experience the extra chill of Ladakh and get lost in the beauty of distant mountains and the monasteries.

20. Chennai

Visit another metropolitan city of India and that is Chennai. Here you can taste the delicious south Indian food and visit the various times around the city.

Here’s one of the bonus India destinations that you can also consider:

21. Panchmari

A beautiful hill surrounded place in Madhya Pradesh. Take small walks on the ridges and spend some peaceful days in this place.
Take note of these above-mentioned places in India and for sure your New Year vacationing will be all worth it. These are definitely the best places to celebrate New Year in India.

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