Why is winter season the best time to visit Ooty?

Are you planning to tour India this time? You can’t miss out Ooty, the lovely hill station symbolizing eternal beauty. Ooty is a pleasant and magnificent travel destination for people of all ages. If you are a honeymooner, do visit Ooty during the winters, and you will love it. India is favorite travel destination for people all across the globe owing to its tropical climate. Winters in Ooty begin from October, and it is regarded as the best time to visit this lovely hill station. Winter season is perfect time to enjoy sightseeing activities, adventurous activities here in Ooty. The salubrious climate of Ooty is its main charm.

So, it is already winters and you are looking to travel India. Don’t forget to include Ooty in your travel package. The enchanting hill station is best meant for adventurous travelers. Both summers and winters are perfect time for hiking and trekking. For those looking to enjoy the cooler months, for them Ooty is a blessing. The average temperature between October and February in Ooty is 15 to 5 degrees Celsius. Winter in Ooty is dry and cold, and so you must carry woolen garments to stay warm. This is mainly for those who want to move out during the night.

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Why visit Ooty in winters?

Ooty in winters is very romantic and is best for honeymooners. During this period of time, you may enjoy dewy mountains, misty, foggy hills and green beautiful landscape like kerala. Indeed, you have general feeling of wellness during winters here. The natural exuberance of Ooty will delight you and relax you to the fullest. It has the cleanest of airs to refresh your senses. The reasons you should know why Ooty is must visit during winters?

• Clean and fresh air free of pollutants

• There are several serene places in Ooty where you may unwind

• Ooty is most beautiful during winters where you move from one peak to another

• Winter in Ooty is enchanting all because of beautiful weather. When you wake up from sleep, you will notice fog in the room. You can experience Ooty at its best only during winters

• A vast array of colorful and aroma-rich flowers bloom during the winter season only

Take part in the events and festivals

Most of the festivals and events take place in Ooty during winters. Winter Festivals in Ooty is another reason to visit Ooty during winters. Take part in the following:

• Pongal which is the most awaited festival celebrated with great vigor and passion. This Festival Day is the day dedicated to worship Surya God. It takes place in the month of January

• Ekadasi Festival taking place in the month of November 19, 2018

• In the month of February the Annual Festival takes place in Ooty.

• Saraswati Puja augments the start of Spring season and is celebrated with great pomp and show in Ooty.

Top places to see in Ooty

• The Doddabetta Peak is a beautiful mountaintop which gets covered by fog in the winters. The super cool mist-covered mountain peak is the site worth beholding

• Your winter trip to Ooty is not complete without a visit to Botanical Garden. In the winter season, Flower Show takes place in the famous Botanical Garden. Botanical Garden is a huge garden loved by nature lovers

• St. Stephen Church is an old church where its stained glass windows provide visual delight. It is 120kms away from Tipu Sultan’s palace and is must visit during the winters.

• Experience the joy of traveling in the Toy Train in Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty, which covers the distance of 46 kms in 5 hours.

Trekking in Ooty

Are you looking for some thrill and adventure? Why not go trekking to Mukurthi and Doddabetta. Placed at the altitude of 2600 meters, hikers are drawn from all across the globe here. If you want 360 degree view of Nilgiris District, hike to Telescope House. Mukurthi Peak offers a lot of hiking opportunity. At Mukurthi National Park, you will also come face-to-face with rarest of flora and fauna.

There are so many things to do in Ooty that you will be spoilt for choices. You can go for hiking, skiing, horse riding, Toy Train riding, sightseeing in Ooty, take part in winter festivals and the list goes on and on. Book your travel package in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

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