Say No To Junk Food Today

While everyone says junk food is not good for the health, most do most really comprehend exactly how bad it is. I have always been a foodie and confess there was a time when I indulged in junk food mindlessly, without thinking about the health concerns that my habits were posing. 

We often tend to skip breakfast at home before starting for work, and then gorge on some fried oily stuff on our way to office and yet it takes a while to understand about junk food and the sense of bloating and uneasiness we tend to feel throughout the day because of it. It was only later that I had to undergo a blood test for something quite different but it showed that my cholesterol had increased a lot and that I was borderline diabetic.

Junk Food

Revaluating our lifestyle is important as is cutting off junk food from the list of fruits or foods for good. Here are some of the junk food effects I experienced myself and you should look for these signs as well if you eat them a lot:

Gastritis: Those who consume junk food may end up with a problem of gastritis. Junk food of any kind, be it a slice of pizza, fried chicken or the roadside vada-pav, is heavily loaded with oil and cheese and all kinds of fat which becomes difficult for the liver to digest day after day. The stomach is overworked and the liver could form a layer of fat eventually if it is not flushed out of the body, decreasing its efficiency. You might suddenly experience a needle like pain in the middle of the abdomen and this is not something you want to live with. Curing gastritis can be tough and you could end up with a lifelong dependency on medication to keep your liver functioning properly in extreme cases, which is why junk food is unhealthy.


Obesity: Perhaps everyone had heard of it, by I experienced it myself. There was sudden increase in my weight and my cloths simply refused to fit comfortably. Obesity is the first step towards problems like cardiac arrests and diabetes and one of the major disadvantages of junk food. Once I started doing my research, I had seen that junk food was the reason why some people were morbidly obese and it had started effecting children as well. True, I did not gain weight to that extent, but it was only because I had the good sense to stop before the condition became really dangerous for me. You must be sure to exercise hard to flush out all the toxins from the body that goes into the body with the junk stuff you indulge in.

Fatigue: As mentioned earlier, we tend to feel uneasy throughout the day if the day is started with unhealthy food. Junk food is designed to make us sick, and one of the first side effects that you will notice is that you will feel tired throughout the day. We tend to miss the energy or the motivation to carry on with the day’s work. I started going out less with friends and even if I did, I ended up gorging on another plateful. This had become a vicious cycle I felt tired and weak all the time. Junk food has a lot of starch and sugar and too much sugar tends to make you sleepy and slows you down. Once I cut off all that extra starch from the diet, I started feeling better instantly.

Diet Chart

So, how to get rid of these problems? 

To start with, one should completely redo one’s diet chart if one wants to live a healthy life. For me, switching to a new high fiber diet was not very difficult, but sticking to it was. I always munched on something or the other whenever I was out of the house and it was a huge challenge for me to resist the temptation of not simply pulling over and give in to it. You can, of course, have a cheat day once a week or so, but not more than that. Switch to low fat, high protein, fibrous and healthy food, after consulting with a nutritionist and you will notice the difference it will start to make to your body, as well as on your mind. It might take a while, but eventually it will be worth the effort you put it. Be sure to say no to junk food today.

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