How Can The Right Yoga Clothes Improve Your Yoga Posture?

There is a good deal of stress being laid nowadays on the importance of working out and yoga is definitely on the top of the list. While hitting the gym has its own share of benefits, yoga helps to heal the mind as well as the body and it has been proven that it has an overall calming effect on the entire physiology. As someone who has been rigorously practicing yoga for quite some time now, I can say that it has helped me a lot and made me more confident as a human being. However, one of the things that we often overlook is that we have to be appropriately dressed for our yoga sessions, just like in other areas of life. Dressing for a yoga class is not only about looking good, it is important that the clothes we wear enhance our flexibility and give the required mobility required to go through the various postures. Some tend to wear regular t-shirts and track pants for their yoga classes, and while that tends to work fine initially, one can only truly comprehend the true benefits of proper yoga clothes once they slip into them.

Yoga Posture

Those who are novices and are just trying out Yoga for beginners should make it a point to turn out in appropriate yoga clothes. The difference between regular clothes and specially made workout clothes is that the latter are made from a very stretchable and sweat absorbent material. The perspiration is drawn from the body and brought to the outer layer of the clothes from where it quickly evaporates. The base material of the clothes is cotton, but they are mixed with a percentage of polyester or spandex which makes them strong and stretchable at the same time. Yoga clothes should ideally be lightweight and one should check the seams before buying them. A strong seam is important to ensure that there is no ripping while stretching. This is why it is important to invest in a good brand which has been tried and tested. 

Yoga For Beginners

Styles of yoga pants and clothes: 

Ideally, the right yoga clothes will take the perfect shape of the body and there are going to be no loose edges. T- shirts and track pants, though comfortable are loose fitting and can get in the way of various postures and might even cause the yoga practitioner to trip. That is not the case with specially made yoga clothes, which are also extremely stylish as well. In fact, a fit and well sculpted body is the perfect canvas for showing off your new yoga attire.

On the other hand, traditional yoga pants come in boot cut and they are flared at the bottom and they have a flat elastic waistband and they are also used for any kind of other physical activity like dancing or while working out at the gym. The flat waistband provides extra support and they are also used by many as casual wear as one lounges around. It is of course, advisable, to use yoga pants in the yoga sessions only but some tend to spend an entire day in it lounging around just because they are so comfortable!

Yoga Pose

Another style of yoga pants which are quite popular during the summers are the mid- calf length pants which look akin to a Capri styled pant. They look trendy and are very comfortable during the summers. They are also available in a number of attractive prints and does help one to make a style statement.

As far as the tops are concerned, they are also made from the same blend of lycra and cotton and are stretchable and comfortable. The right fit is important because it should also provide adequate support to the bust while one is working out. The tops come is sleeveless as well as mid sleeve options and they can help one make the perfect style statement as well. They can be worn under a hoodie or paired with a shawl which is why many are choosing to wear them on a regular day to day basis as well while they are running errands or simply relaxing.


One of the things to remember here is that one should not choose yoga clothes with more than 50% polyester because it could inhibit breathability and cause discomfort. Invest in good yoga clothes today and see the difference!

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