Fantasy Sports League: The New Age Virtual Twist of Real Life Sports Endeavours

Fantasy Sports is an online gaming platform where any sports lover can experience a virtual twist of on-field activities. Fantasy league allows participants to create imaginary teams of real players from professional sports. According to real performances of the players, the fate of this gaming is decided. Each fantasy team manager selects a roster and following which the points are compiled and totalled. A league commissioner coordinating and managing the whole league is responsible for manually calculating these points or they are compiled by computers according to the results of actual sports. A team owner can sign, trade and drop players based on what’s happening in real sports.


The idea of selecting players and successively running a tournament based on year and date has been rising since the past few decades. The earliest fantasy sports league dates back to Oakland and continued spreading worldwide. In fantasy league, all members together nominate a team of professional players (cricketers, footballers, golfers, hockey players, etc.) and whoever has the best performance in terms of defence, forward and other aspects, is the designated winner of the tournament.

If we dig a little deeper into history, the first reported fantasy baseball league took place in Boston, 1960. William Gamson from Harvard University initiated the Baseball Seminar with his colleagues. They formed rosters that made points on the players' closing standings. Past research led by the FSTA recorded 33.5 million people from 12 years and above took part in the fantasy league sports. More than 3 million people in Canada played fantasy league sports. Adult males between the age group 18 to 50 years old in the US who has access to the internet participated in fantasy sports. Overall, Fantasy Sports is valued to 3 to 4 Billion dollars every year and adds to a greater economy for the nation. It is quite an impactful source of income for all participants worldwide.

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In India, fantasy league are at a rise and cricket, football, kabaddi is predominantly played. With the help of digitalization, most population has access to fantasy sports. However, this online gaming has various cons associated with it like gambling, baiting, fraudulence and often considered illegal. There are discrepancies in terms of fund transfer and payment assurance. In this assembly of an imaginary virtual gaming platform, one has to be careful and experienced to not get cheated by the vast online inconsistencies. Nevertheless, it is indeed a fascinating platform for most users.

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In a fantasy sports league, a regular fan can step into a real team manager’s shoes and tries to prove that he has all the capabilities to be a real coach of a real team. Fantasy sports has made the dream come true by allowing a participant to pick up his top line up and rising to victory. Based on the result and statistics of the real game the competition is managed. Knowledge of the game comes handy while competing for either for fun or money. The first and foremost duty is to select teams or players who have the most impressive performances in a given season. Selecting a team is like starting from scratch. Information regarding players’ health, endurance, goals/runs, and agility is provided in the website which can help you to take strategic decisions.

Fantasy sports include the different genre of sports such as football, cricket, basketball, tennis, kabaddi, etc. Fantasy sports industry have become big business by generating an annual revenue of $1 billion by early 2010s. Major sports media companies like Yahoo Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, and other specialized websites have both free and payment based sports leagues. When it comes to payment, a subsequent payout is promised if the participant wins.

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