Easy Online Shopping In India

Shopping has transformed rapidly in India and of course, there has been a major revolution in terms of shifting all the action online. Online shopping trend in India has been rising steeply in recent times, thanks to the smartphone revolution and the increasing usage of mobile devices amongst Indian citizens. Shopping in India is following the predominant market trends that are being witnessed across several countries.

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Fashion, for instance, has steadily shifted to the online domain. There is a rising demand for Indian office ethnic wear, a popular fashion category. More and more people are buying ethnic wear products from top brands in addition to western clothes, accessories like shoes, bags and sunglasses along with cosmetics and beauty products from top e-commerce sites.

The reason online shopping in India has become so popular is that major chunk of the Indian population, particularly millennials and younger citizens, have developed an affinity to the e-commerce boom like fishes to water. Online shopping in India has added a new dimension to everyday life since people now get hold of all necessities at the click of a mouse button. Customers are also drawn to the sheer convenience of purchasing online in India carried out from the comfort of one’s home and at any convenient time of the day. It is a contrast in hopping to the retail store for running household errands for multiple products being unaware of its availability. It consumes a lot of time and also customer ends up paying the higher price since products in showrooms requires hefty add-ons to be paid by the customers to cover the costs of air conditioning, maintenance, rent, staff and so on.

As per the reports, the number of internet users in India is expected to reach a whopping 627 million people which is 48% of the total country’s population. This indicates a growth of 10% in the number of internet users in recent times. Consumers are now shopping for everything online, right from fashion products and groceries to accessories, shoes, styling products, consumer care products, FMCG items, electronic gadgets, holiday bookings and a lot more. They are spending heavily on a wide range of products across different categories at leading e-commerce websites.

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The e-commerce and consumer internet spaces are witnessing high investments from several investors willing to cash in on this new boom. In the year 2018, companies in these segments witnessed the infusion of a whopping $7 billion in the form of venture capital and private equity funding. Digital transactions have gone up and the spread of mobile usage and e-commerce in rural markets have also contributed as major factors behind the growth of online shopping.

There are several top websites that also offer attractive discounts which consumers appreciate and get inclined to. Online purchases save more money as compared to buying fashion items offline. The online shopping trend is catching among the Indian consumer base and has already developed a strong foothold in the household of every individual, so get along and be like innovators or lag behind and lose out on enjoying the perks of the online world.

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