What Is The Best Time To Eat Fruits?

Fruits are an essential part of our diet and should be made a compulsion in the regular diet chart. Be it an older adult, a child or a young one, fruit is equally important to everyone regardless of age and health conditions. Every fruit is rich some kinds of vitamins and minerals that are hard to find in other food items like cereals, pulses, vegetables, animal proteins, etc. Hence, fruits can supply the requisite amount of vitamins and minerals to the body which in turn, helps in maintaining the overall well being. More importantly, fruits also help the body to cope with external infections by enhancing the level of immunity and antioxidants at the same time. From blood circulation to excretion, every single physiological phenomenon gets benefited from regular consumption of fruits.

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To get the best nutrition from any fruit, it is essential to know the right time to consume it. If a fruit is not taken maintaining the biological routine of the body, it might result in inadequate absorption which in turn would mean a loss of sufficient nutrition. To realize the best nutrition level available in the fruits, two times in a day are suggested by the physicians when the absorption levels are high.

Best time to eat fruits

There have been a lot of controversies amongst the experts regarding the perfect time to have fruits to get the best of their nutrition. However, the long discussions and debates concluded that morning breakfast could accommodate a fruit serving well and the afternoon time also makes for an excellent time to enjoy a plate of fruit. Hence, if you have a busy schedule throughout the day, choose your fruits to be there in your breakfast serving to make the nutrition full. Else, you can also take your choice of fruit sometime around 5 P.M. No matter which time you choose for your fruit, make sure that it is taken in between two heavy meals and not immediately after one.

Best time to eat banana

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Banana is a fruit that is favorite to many and contains high levels of nutrients and minerals in it. Being a rich source of iron and calcium, bananas should be taken on a regular basis. However, as far as the best time to take banana is concerned, the morning is the ideal time to augment your servings with this fruit. Your bowl of milk and cereal will be all more nutrition rich with a banana added to it. Banana is also good for maintaining digestive health and making the bowel movement regular, unlike many other iron-rich food sources.

Banana on empty stomach

Banana is a fruit that comes packed with the goodness of potassium, calcium, iron and rough edge. But, if you are planning to substitute your morning diet with banana, that might not be a good idea for your health. However, if you can club it along with the other food items like bread, omelet, milk, and cereals or any other of your choice, it might work better for you. Doctors suggest not having bananas in empty stomach.

List of fruits to keep you healthy

There are lots of fruits that are essential for our body and can be had as a part of a balanced diet. When it comes to fruits with benefit, banana, guava, berries, pomegranate, papaya, apple, pineapple, grapes, and olives come to the top of the list. Regular consumption of some of these fruits ensures a maintained level of body metabolism, low levels of free radicals, healthy heart, smooth blood circulation, and healthy digestion.

Is eating fruits at night good?

Though there has been much debate about the same, the contemporary approach suggests that fruits can be had at any time. Do not skip your supper and replace it with fruit alone but you can surely have a fruit of your choice along with your supper according to your taste, and there is no justified evidence to prove that to be a menace for your health.

What is the best time to drink water?

Water is an element that runs the entire physiological system correctly. There are certain regulations there regarding the best time to take a glass of water on the basis of proven maxims. Physicians suggest a glass of water half an hour before a meal, during a meal and half an hour after a meal to keep the digestion perfect and to ensure the highest absorption.

When to eat fruits to keep healthy?

There is no time for having your favorite fruit. According to fresh ideas, fruit can be had at any time of the day. It is best to not to take a fruit, empty stomach and to pair it with other food items as well. Whether sick or not, fruits are always required by the body, and hence, there is no need to think twice before having a bite on your favorite fruit.

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