Mangalore Sightseeing - An Exciting Holiday Destination

Mangalore is a port city located at the Arabian coasts and belongs to the southern state of Karnataka. Apart from the rich history and legends associated with the city. Mangalore, otherwise known as Mangaluru is also an important commercial center for India. Many visitors flock every year to this coastal port city to visit the famous Kadri Manjunath temple which has the bronze idol in it. Apart from the spiritual importance of the land, Mangalore also attracts tourists for its serene beaches and moderate climate. If you are planning for an out of the box holiday next season, Mangalore can be a destination that you can enjoy with your family or solo.

Mangalore Beach

Places to visit in Mangalore

Mangalore offers a variety of places to visit including sacred temples of historical importance, secluded beaches for romantic holidays and wildlife sanctuaries for adventure enthusiasts. There are churches and cathedrals as well that will bewilder you with the mesmerizing architectural beauty of colonial times. The temples here also oozes respect for the thousand-year-old artistic evidence engraved on the temple walls in the form of detailing. There are sights and landmarks as well to visit like Mangala Stadium, Mangaladevi Temple, etc. The Kadri Manjunath temple with the bronze idol and Tannirbhavi Beach are the two significant spots that one must not leave behind while visiting Mangalore.

Things to do in Mangalore

From climbing the steep slopes of the temples to taking a solitary stroll along the beaches, there is no dearth of activities in Mangalore. The more you get to know the soul of the place, the more you reveal the beauty of it. Pay a visit to the famous Tannirbhavi Beach and enjoy the serenity that rules the surroundings. It is one of the best beaches in India. Mangalore temples are also popular destinations. Apart from architectural excellence, the Kadri  Manjunath temple is also popular for its spiritual value.  There is another Mangalore beach where you can enjoy the splendor of nature, the Panambur Beach. You can opt to take a stroll or enjoy the celestial sunrise or sunset view by the shores of this beach. If you are travelling with children and family, Pilikula Nisargadhama cam make for a great day out destination in Mangalore. This sprawling garden along with a water park let everyone enjoy a day to its fullest. If you wish to take a look at the remnants of the colonial structures, pay a visit to the St. Aloysius Chapel and praise the architectural value. Someshwar beach is another destination that attracts a lot of people every year and is a major place for Mangalore tourism. When it comes to Mangalore sightseeing, there are innumerable options available from which you can make an easy choice depending on your duration of stay and preferences.

Kudroli Temple Mangalore

The nearby Destinations

If you have time to spend, there are a few destinations near Mangalore that can be a great choice. One of them is surely Udupi that has a lot to amaze you. The serene landscape carved with uneven plateaus and extensive beaches will surely make your holidays more exciting. Remember to visit the places near Udupi to add new experiences to you travel book. Another destination that can make your gamut of experience fuller is Chikmagalur. There are many places to visit near Chikmagalur, and the place itself is a beautiful abode for nature lovers.

Best time to visit Mangalore

Being a beach city, it experiences moderate weather throughout the seasons that makes it perfect to be travelled for the entire year. Since the summers are a little hot and humid here, exploring the destinations might become a bit tedious for the tourists. Hence, winter is considered to be the best season to visit Mangalore. The months from November to February attracts most of the tourist crowd to Mangalore, making this a peak season in terms of tourism.

How to reach Mangalore

Mangalore is a commercial hub of India and enjoys good communication with the rest of the country. There are regular trains available to reach Mangalore directly from the other major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai. Apart from the rail connection, Mangalore is also well connected through airways between the principal cities of India. Bangalore being very near to Mangalore, accessing the place will never be a problem no matter what. If you are planning for Mangalore next holidays, be assured of a smooth journey as you will surely get ample choice to opt for.

In a nutshell, Mangalore makes for a great holiday destination. No matter, if you are planning the trip with your family or your partner, the port city of Mangalore, has a lot to amaze you. The proximity to the sea and the mesmerizing beaches will surely add vibrancy to your trip making it enjoyable. Do not forget to shop for souvenirs and taste the local food to get the real feel of the place

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