A Wonderful Beach Destination - Udupi

Traveling refreshes the mind like no other thing. Be it a short holiday or a long one; travelling can always be the best way out to enjoy them. A destination that has all the varieties of nature like sprawling green forests, rolling seas, and mighty mountains, Udupi is one of the best tourist spots that one can opt for. Located in Karnataka, this young district attracts a lot of tourists these days owing to its varied landscape and fantastic flora and fauna. Home to many serene beaches, temples and sacred places, Udupi is a great holiday destination for those who are planning a journey with family and friends.

Udupi Beach
Image by Vivek Raj

Places to visit in Udupi

Udupi is surrounded by the majestic hills of Western Ghats and the vast water body of Arabian Sea. Both the landforms give the area a unique topographic feature of which the beaches are of much importance. One of the most famous beaches in Udupi is the Malpe and is a favourite abode for photographers. The beautiful landscape offers varied subjects to those who capture moments through lenses.  Some of the popular places to visit in Udupi are Sri Shiroor Matha, Ashta Mathas, Udupi Sri Krishna Matha, Kudumari Falls, Malpe beach, Anegudde, etc.

Location Of Udupi

Udupi is located by the sides of the Arabian Sea and also enjoys the proximity to the Western Ghats India. It is situated at the southwest corner of the state Karnataka which makes it a part of the southern states of India. Its proximity to hills and sea lends the district of Udupi a variety in terms of the landscapes. From mangroves to waterfalls, every corner of the place has something to amaze you.

Things to do in Udupi

With so many places to see in Udupi, there is no dearth of activities as well. Once you have done your planning to visit Udupi, there are certain things that you must not forget to do. One of them is surely to take a stroll across the serene Bengre Hoode Beach. What makes this beach separate from the others is its vicinity to an intersection of a river and the sea. Almost every beach running along the coasts of Karnataka is beautiful, but this beach especially will leave a lasting impression on your mind with its unique appeal. Another famous Udupi beach is the Malpe Beach. The stark contrast of turquoise blue sea water and the sparkling golden sand makes this beach a picturesque landscape in it. Spend some alone time at some of the best beaches in India and enjoy the enthralling beauty of nature.

Udupi also accommodates a few couples of pilgrim destinations. Most of the temples here worship the Hindu gods and deities. Sri Krishna Matt, Sri Mookambika Devi Temple, Annegude Vinayaka Temple, Sri Durga Devi Temple, Sri Amratheshwari Temple, Vadabhandeshwar Temple, Shri Shankar Narayana Temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, and St. Lawrence Church – Attur are some of the must-see places which significant for their spiritual value. The architecture and the historical importance of the Udupi Krishna temple is also breathtaking.

As already mentioned, Udupi is a place that has a vast variety of landforms starting from seashores to lofty mountains. The extensive green pastures of the Western Ghats are also embellished with the sprawling forest areas. The Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary will undoubtedly be the one destination to be explored that will enrich your memories with adventure and thrill. Extended over an area of 247sq.km, this wildlife sanctuary is located in Kollur. The thick woods of deciduous trees and evergreen plants will mesmerize you with its splendor. The woods, the beaches, the temples, and the mangrove forest constitute the places to visit list of Udupi tourism.

How to reach Udupi

In terms of accessibility, Udupi is a well-connected town and can be reached from any part of India minus any hassle. There are regular buses available, running from Udupi to Mangalore and the nearest airport to reach Udupi is also at Mangalore. The Bajpe Airport, Mangalore is located at a distance of 48 km from Udupi.  Trains run between Udupi and the major cities of India on a regular basis. If you are planning to travel from Udupi to Bangalore, there are two trains available that take around 12 hours that you can avail. If you are in a hurry, flights are available between Mangalore to Udupi. From Mangalore, you can easily reach Bangalore.

Try some local cuisine and shop from the local stores to make your trip all more exciting.  If you are an explorer at heart, Udupi will not let you down. Check out for the calendar of festivals to be a part of the festive spirit of the place and plan accordingly. Make Udupi the next holiday destination and ensure memories for a lifetime. If you are traveling with your family, everyone will enjoy the trip for sure.

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