Experience The Night Trekking Near Bangalore At Anthargange Kolar

Indi is a land of varied landscapes and diverse nature. Extended from the lofty mountains to the rolling seas, this country has wonders to reveal at every corner of it. The less explored part if the country in terms of tourism has always remained the southern stretch of Deccan plateau which is ancient and has mesmerizing places to enjoy. Ever since Bangalore has become the center of commerce and IT industry, many locations around the capital city of Karnataka has been found by the explorers at heart, and Anthargange is one such destination that will enthrall you with its tranquility and serenity. Being only 70 km away from the central city of Bangalore, this place can be an easy option for a one day trip from Bangalore.

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The weekend getaways from Bangalore

If you are an adventurer at heart and love to spend time amidst the lap of nature, Bangalore has a bundle of destinations to help you with. There are mountains, waterfall, forests, and beaches that can be reached over a few miles drive from Bangalore and can lend you a peaceful abode for the weekends. If you can club a day’s holiday to the weekend schedules, the trips will be of more fun. However, if your busy schedules only offer you a limited time, head out for Anthargange, located just 70 kilometers away from the bustling city of Bangalore and be a vagabond along the trails of the mountains.

Explore the experience of Anthargange trek

The southern state of Karnataka accommodates the Shathashrunga range in Kolar district that houses the serene little hilltop of Anthargange. The meaning of the term in Kannada is ‘Ganges from the Deep,’ and there is a perpetual spring that flows here whose origin still remains a mystery. Nestled at the height of 1712 meters from the sea level, the moderate slopes of this hillock provides for trekking trails for adventure enthusiasts. It is also a heaven for rock climbers, and cave explorers and the place has many caves amidst the lush green vegetation that lend it an ancient mystic look. If you have interest in taming the slopes, opt for a trek along the ascents of Anthargange.

Be a part of the Anthargange night trek

Night treks at Anthargange come with an offer of cave explorations as well that makes it even more lucrative. The melancholy nights oozes the feel of being a part of the eternal existence as you step out for the trek along the mystic trails of the mountains. The trekking is generally organized at the climax of the night and gets over with the dawning sun. No matter how limited the period is, it will leave you with a refreshing experience to cherish forever. Moreover, the pre-dawn atmosphere and the changing colors of the sky will surely give you some of the snaps that you can keep as a mark of excellence in photography.

Places to visit in Bangalore in one day

Hognekkal waterfalls
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If you are not in a mood to travel far, there are many places in and around the city of Bangalore itself that can give you quite a dose of entertainment and refreshment. The majestic Palace of Bangalore will undoubtedly leave in a spell of magic with its antiquity and architectural excellence. For a great family destination, opt for the 300 acres of green foliage of Cubbon Park.  Commissioned by Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan, Lalbagh is another attraction in Bangalore which accommodates multiple varieties of plant species. For a break from the city life, take a safari through the Bannerghatta national park that is house to many butterflies, tigers, lions, and other wildlife.

Options for trekking in Bangalore

Nandi hills

When it comes to trekking in India, Bangalore has excellent places to offer. There are many destinations for trekking near Bangalore that you can head for and most of them can be done within a day. The Savandurga Hills, Ramanagara, the Nandi Hills, Skandagiri hills, Makalidurga Hills, Devarayanadurga, Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, Anthargange, and the Madhugiri are some of the examples where you can try the adventure sport and also can be a part of the serene natural surroundings.

Many of these destinations accommodate steep to moderate slopes that will make for exciting trekking routes whereas the caves and the forts sculpted on the hill walls establishes the ancient prosperity of the erstwhile cities and towns.

The Anthargange Kolar is one of the most important destinations amongst all of these. The caves and the surrounding greenery make the spot out of the world.  The slopes of the hills and the tranquil nature of the surrounding area make it a must for nature lovers and souls seeking for a peaceful abode.

If you are looking for a perfect weekend destination from Bangalore, head out for any of these and make a great holiday experience.

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