Places To Visit In Bangalore Silicon Valley Of India

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka, one of the southern states of India. In terms of size, the city of Bangalore has received the seventh position. One of the industrial hubs of India and primarily a cosmopolitan city, Bangalore is also known as the garden city owing to the parks and gardens accommodated within its periphery. It has a rich culture and heritage and a lot of tourist attractions that have made this place a popular destination for many. Owing to the huge number of IT industries, Bangalore is also known as Silicon Valley of India that accommodates people from almost every corner of the country. The multiple attractions of the city make Bangalore tourism one of the most sought after holiday packages.

UB City Bangalore
UB City Bangalore


Karnataka is a state that is located at the ridge of the Deccan plateau that renders the city it’s amazing landscape and exceptional weather. Being situated at an elevation of 949 m from the sea level, Bangalore is a city much known for the air-conditioned climate. It is never too hot or cold and stays pleasant throughout the seasons. Located at a distance of 998 km from Mumbai and 562 km from Hyderabad, Bangalore is a destination that can be accessed minus any hassle.

Bangalore is a city that is associated with long trails of tradition and history. According to the legends, the city assumed its name from an old woman who served humble meals to a lost ruler of Hoysala. The big names of history like Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan can be associated with this city as the forts, and the palaces stand erect as the evidence of their past glory. Under the British rulers also, Bangalore was a famous town as the regional administrative city with a cantonment area established by the erstwhile rulers.

Places to see

Lal Bagh Bangalore
Lal Bagh image by Sarangib

Apart from being one of the major business hubs, Bangalore is also a famous tourist spot as the Bangalore sightseeing offers a lot of variety and the place is easily accessible from almost every part of India. There are a number of places to visit in Bangalore, and a traveler can enjoy beaches, forests, palaces, cityscapes and a lot more once in Bangalore. There are places nearby as well that can be reached from Bangalore effortlessly and offers exciting holiday destinations. A few miles drive might lead you to the adventures of Kabini or to the serene beaches of Udupi. The city itself provides palaces, shopping areas, gardens and much more to make your holidays exhilerating. There are a lot of activities that one can indulge in as well.

Iscon temple Bangalore
Iscon Temple Image by Sarangib

Best time to visit

Bangalore can be visited at any time of the year and has a fresh and pleasant weather that welcomes all the travelers with its hospitality and warmth. Owing to its proximity to the hills and the elevation, the place received a moderate climate throughout the year that makes it a perfect destination for all year. Even during the scorching summer months when the rest of the country suffers from heat waves, Bangalore stays pleasant with occasional drizzles and cold breeze. However, the months between September and February, witness most of the visitors in the city. With the mercury level never exceeding 35 degree Celsius and never moving below 10 degree Celsius, Bangalore is a place that is open for all the time of the year for tourism.

How to reach

Bangalore is easily accessible by air and is well connected with the rest of the country through railroad, highways, and air traffic. It enjoys regular flights from the major cities of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Goa, Kochi, Mangalore, and many others. Premium trains also run between Bangalore and other prominent cities in India. Multiple flights connecting to the overseas destinations also make halts at Bangalore.

Bangalore has a huge bus terminus near the railway station. However, there are air-conditioned buses that run between Bangalore and many essential cities making communication easy for everyone. If you are traveling to Bangalore, reaching there will never be a problem with so many options available.  Buses run regularly from Bangalore to Mangalore which could lead you close to Udupi which is considered as a twin city to Bangalore.

If you wish to explore Bangalore in and around, travel from Bangalore to Udupi to unleash the serene beaches that are considered to be one of the best beaches in India. There are many waterfalls near Bangalore that can be visited for refreshment from the city crowd and the beaches near Bangalore are sure to take your heart away with their surreal beauty. The Bangalore palace also make for excellent sightseeing spots.

Bangalore is a great destination for everyone. No matter if you are planning to travel with family or solo, the city of gardens has a lot to offer to every tourist to amaze and bewilder

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