Is Drinking Beer Good For Health?

Beer is one of the most popular beverages which is derived by brewing malted barley. After water and tea, beer is the third most celebrated drinks in the year and most of the parties; evening hangouts remain incomplete without a serving of the same. There has been much debate surrounding the issue of health benefits and health hazards of beer. Like every other alcohol, it has its own evens and odds. One thing that has to be kept in mind is that, whatever you consume, restrict it within a limit. Even one has to when to drink water.

Is Beer god for Health?

Health benefits of beer

Apart from being a rejuvenating drink, beer can also be useful in managing your health to a certain extent. Studies reveal that controlled consumption beer can result in an improved level of cardiac health. The kidney stones can also be avoided with the consumption of beer. There are other benefits associated with beer as well which are as follow:

  • Beer keeps the level of bad cholesterol low
  • Beer helps in strengthening your bones
  • Stress levels can be reduced with the help of beer
  • Brain cells preserving memories become more active with beer

Taking one serving or maximum two a day will only cause good to your health as far as beer is concerned.

Is beer good for health?

Beer is a beverage that contains plentiful amounts of polyphenols, an element much known for its ability to protect the heart and maintain a healthy cardiac activity. Multiple studies have revealed that people, consuming beer regularly but within limits are found to be healthier in terms of their heart than the abstainers. Hence, in terms of heart health, beer is undoubtedly a healthy beverage. It is also effective in fighting inflammation, improving digestion, combating the possibilities of kidney stones, building bones and maintaining the natural gloss of your teeth. Some of the cancers can also be prevented by consuming beer quite often.


Benefits of drinking beer

With so many positive effects n the physiological aspects of the body, beer has many advantages. If you drink beer more often, be sure to have a healthy heart as beer restricts the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the cardiovascular system making it free from the possibility of heart clogs. Moreover, beer also aids in building the bone structure that makes you strong from within. It also helps to reduce inflammation and has positive effects on the digestive system of the body. Apart from enjoying the malty taste of beer, a glass of it can actually help you in many ways.

Which alcohol is good for health

If not driven to the levels of addiction, alcohols can be of great health benefits most of the times. Topping the chart is the red wine that is made out of grapes and caters to many health benefits when consumed in a limited amount. Red wines are full of antioxidants and keep the body free from the free radicals. Particularly the alcohols containing less than 15% alcohol in them are better for your health whereas the hard drinks like whiskey, scotch or any other having almost 40% alcohol might lead you to obesity, depression, sleep deprivation, and many other syndromes. As far as your health is concerned, restrict yourself to malt alcohols and wines to keep fit but always keep in mind that it is not what you take but how much of it that you take will determine the health effects.

Side effects of beer

Overconsumption of anything will have serious ill effects on your body much like beer. To keep healthy, first, try to restrict the amount of consumption. However, there are certain conditions, under which beer should be avoided like the pre neonatal and the post neonatal period. People who are suffering from obesity, liver function problems or nervous disorders should also abstain from consuming beer as it might exert side effects on their health aggravating the conditions furthermore.

Bad effects of beer

It has been seen in some cases that people consuming beer suffers from problems like nausea, blackouts. Low blood sugar levels, flushing, emotional hazards and much more. If beer is had on a regular basis over a long stretch of a period, it might also cause alcohol dependency or addiction which in no way is good for a healthy life. Liver function failure, memory loss, malnutrition and pancreas disorders are some of the ill effects that one might accrue through over consumption of beer.

Drinking Beer

When to drink beer

Mostly, people prefer beer as a beverage during the afternoon time o the evening. In case you are having lunch with your friends, you can also opt to consume beer with your day-meal. But it is suggested that you offer yourself the mug of beer around 5.30 p.m. However the best times to enjoy a brimming glass of beer would be on vacation, during holidays, in the parties or sometimes maybe during the night shift work hours.

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