The Best Ways to Whiten up Your Beautiful Smile

Taking care of one’s teeth is usually an intrinsic part of any all-encompassing beauty routine, for both health and aesthetic benefits alike. The practice of teeth whitening is an incredibly popular endeavor in the United States, and the growing market is already worth billions of dollars. Whitened teeth often emanate a picture of good health, self-confidence and beauty; just some of the many reasons why a host of people everywhere strive to constantly nurture their smile on a daily basis. 

There are many techniques and tricks used to achieve the right effects, yet some of them can be potentially harmful in the long-term. If you are looking for ways to shine up your beautiful smile and implement a new addition to your morning routine, here are some important points you might want to think about. 

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Why can Teeth Turn Yellow?

One of the reasons teeth can turn yellow is due to the erosion of their enamel coating. The enamel will naturally start to wear thin over time if not looked after and a range of foods have a negative effect on the surface of the teeth, from plaque build up to stains. 

With a little care and attention, however, your teeth can be whitened and protected from harm in the first place. If you were worried about your teeth starting to yellow to any extent, you might want to check out the fantastic services on offer at Alex Jones Dentistry, trusted professionals who may be able to help you regain some self-confidence with a lovely smile. 

Back to Basics

One of the very best ways to not only ensure you protect your teeth from potential harm, but whiten them in general, is to remember the basics and brush your teeth twice a day. 

Flossing is another essential for anyone concerned about the potential build up of plaque and bacteria between their teeth, as this can greatly help to prevent cavities along with a multitude of other negative factors. Anti-bacterial mouthwash is another inclusion well-worth your time, as this can often help to remove build-up in hard to reach areas and generally keep your mouth feeling fresh.

Teeth-Friendly Foods

You are likely aware of the many detrimental effects caused by plaque build-up from sugary foods and drink, but it is worth bearing in mind the wide variety of foods that can actually lead to whiter teeth when consumed and most important say no to junk food.

Although a high concentration of citric acid found in a variety of fruits may be able to cause damage if eaten in excess, fruits such as oranges, lemons and apples may be able to help reduce bacteria in your mouth, which can go a long way to helping you keep your teeth looking white.

Milk contains casein, a protein that can offer a range of health benefits, some of which might help to keep your teeth white and free of plaque. 

Toothpaste with Baking Soda

Caring for your smile can often require you to make the most out of the various oral hygiene products on offer. While brushing with a baking soda solution alone might be able to brighten up your teeth, it might not be as effective for preventing decay and cavities as regular toothpaste. Thankfully, many popular brands produce toothpaste that contains baking soda, so it might be worth spending some time checking out the labels of the options available. 

If you want to stick with your regular brand of toothpaste, you might even wish to consider incorporating baking soda into it for added effectiveness. 

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips can be a relatively cost-efficient way of returning the shine to your smile in some cases. Some options include advanced technology that allow you to go about your day while you wear the strip. They are easy to use and can provide a safe and stress-free addition to your regular routine. 

LED whitening kits might be worth your consideration, but it is important to note they are generally a more expensive option, and there is a chance that they may cause an increase in sensitivity if used often. 

Foods to Watch out For

To make sure you that you protect your teeth from the potential harm of everyday indulgences, it is important to recognize some of the more harmful food and drink options that can leave some nasty stains if consumed on a regular basis. 

While being exceptionally delicious, coffee is one of the main contenders for leaving potential stains on your teeth, so cutting down on the good stuff may be necessary for positively impacting the whiteness of your smile. 

Similarly, red wine and curry can also produce stains if steps are not taken to offset some of their more harmful effects. Smoking should also be avoided at all costs, not just for your teeth but for your entire well-being in general. 

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