7 Summer Jobs That Are Perfect for Students

When Eddie Cochran sang those now-famous words in the song Summertime Blues, it was like he spoke for students across the globe facing the financial push to earn money through summer and fund college life during the fall.

Things are not all bad though, most summer jobs are fun and easy to do, and the chance of meeting new friends along the way is always a bonus for students at a changeover period in their lives. Here are seven jobs you could do during the summer this year, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has finally started to ease.

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Working at a Summer Camp

Summer camp has to be one of the most exciting places to work during the summer, and it’s well paid too! Companies such as USA Summer Camp will help students from all over the world get everything they need to assorted from visas to flights; all you need to do is be prepared to work hard and enjoy yourself for nine weeks while working in some of the best locations across America.

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is the epitome of seasonal jobs, and the best typing is that you can do it in practically any country that grows soft fruits. It’s hard work, you will be out in the elements all day, and the wages aren’t always amazing. The benefits? You’ll get to meet people from all over the world, have free time in some of the most stunning regions on the planet, and you can move with the seasons, turning your summer job into a year-long gap travel job if you time it right.

Farm Work

Just like fruit picking, farm laboring is one of the growing trends in popular outdoor jobs for students during the summer. But, it’s not just the summer either; there are plenty of people who take jobs on farms throughout the harvest and growing seasons, allowing them to travel and enjoy the freedom that comes with that lifestyle.

WWOOF’ing is popular amongst students, travelers, Vanlifers, and within the alternative living and tiny home community. Working on organic farms in particular means not only do you gain experience doing farm work and ecological work, but your work helps organic farmers make a difference to the environment too.

However, one thing to be wary is that WWOOF’ing, in general, is done on a voluntary basis rather than a paid basis, but general farm laboring will be paid.


Do you want to spend your summer in your bathing suit, sat on a throne by the pool, and looking amazing while you’re at it?

If you answered yes, you need to get a job as a lifeguard!

Get your CPR training and lifeguard training in early, and you could be spending your summer catching some rays and keeping everyone safe as they enjoy the pool!


If coffee is your passion, then a job as a barista for the summer could be exactly what you’re looking for! When we think of summer jobs, we tend to think of jobs in places where it is sunny, but having a job as a barista means you are kept out of the elements - especially good if your country or state doesn’t have a particularly good track record for outdoor jobs (looking at you, United Kingdom).

Barista training could also take you further too, from the humble beginnings of a server at Starbucks to head mixologist of a trendy downtown bar. Your imagination is your limit here.

Housesitter or Pet Sitter

Getting paid to spend the summer living in someone else’s house, is that even possible? 

Not only is it possible, but there are thousands of house sitter jobs on offer, especially during the summer when some families will be taking their summer vacation elsewhere and need someone to look after their house while they are away.

The job of a house sitter is simple, look after the house (and possibly pets if you’re a pet sitter for the summer) to ensure its safety and security while the owners are away. 

Does that sound cushty or what?

Food Delivery Driver

If you’ve got a car, you could be spending your summer delivering food for local restaurants and getting paid for it too! This type of job isn’t quite as easy to come across as it once was, given that companies like Deliveroo and Ubereats have begun to dominate in this area, but the food economy is a popular economy for young people to get into, and getting a delivery driver job is flexible and well paid.

The only thing to be careful of here is that you’ll put a lot of miles on your vehicle if you’re driving over cycling.


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