Going it Alone: A Beginners Guide to Starting Work as a Freelancer

 Are you about to start work as a freelancer? It can be an incredibly exciting prospect as you are going to be directly rewarded for the work that you put in and be in charge of your own calendar. That being said, going freelance certainly isn’t for everybody. It can sometimes be quite difficult finding work and then when you do find it, it can be a challenge being able to create a stable work life balance. If you are thinking of going freelance and are worried about diving headfirst into these unknown waters, then be sure to keep reading as below are some top tips for freelancers everywhere. 


Calculate Your Rate and Stick to It

The first thing that you are going to need to do is to work out what your basic hourly rate is going to be. This means how much you are going to charge a client for every hour of work that you put in. This might not be the case depending on the work that you do. For instance, if you are a driver you might charge per distance, or a photographer may charge a daily rate; however, regardless of your process, you need to know how much you cost before obtaining any work. A lot of new freelancers will usually be tempted to undercharge in order to secure work but try to avoid this as it will make it harder to increase your rates moving forward if any work is referred to you. 

Work Out the Best Places to Look for Work

A lot of freelance work will come as a result of referrals; however, if you are having a slow month or work in a particular industry, it can be helpful to know exactly where you can look for some of the best opportunities out there. A good example of this can be found for delivery drivers and find shipping work. This is a site where you can find shipping work regularly as their load board is constantly updated with new delivery jobs that need doing. As such, if you are hoping to find work as a delivery driver, then this is an excellent resource to know about. There are similar sites out there for the likes of writing, photography and graphic design, it is just a means of trying them out and seeing which work best for you.  

Be Sure to Always Send a Contract 

A contract is always great to have in place as it manages to solidify several different things. This includes the factors like the rate that has been negotiated by yourself and your client, what the project actually is, when you are going to be able to deliver the project by and what will happen if any part of the project is cancelled. You are going to be thoroughly protected by any potential legal issues or disagreements that could arise between yourselves and the client and you will also ensure that you are compensated for all of the work that you do. 

Understand How Your Taxes Work 

It’s a word that many freelancers dread seeing but it is something you are going to need to be aware of moving forward. You need to know how much you are going to be charged for in tax in order to properly assess how much you need to be charging clients. There are a few different ways that you can thoroughly assess how much tax you should be paying but it is worth your time getting advice from an accountant. They are going to be able to listen to your business and work out what the tax obligations are that you should be paying. This is just one element of work that you should consider outsourcing, there are more out there but tax is one of the most important. 

Keep a Schedule and Plan Your Tasks Efficiently 

This might sound reasonably simple, but it is a very important step that all freelancers are going to need to do. If you do not have a good plan that you can work towards, then you will be surprised just how much work manages to fall through the cracks. If you do not have a schedule set up then you are not going to be able to meet deadlines, be sure to provide all of your clients with the sufficient care that they deserve and most importantly, establish a balance between your work and your personal life. 


Going freelance is equal parts exciting and daunting as you are able to take your work life into your own hands; however, at the same time you are going to be responsible for generating your own income and setting your own schedule. If you want to hit the ground running as a freelancer then the above is a helpful guide to work towards. 

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