Top 10 places to spend New Year Eve around the world in 2019

Are you searching for cool places to spend the New Year Eve? The New Year Eve night out can give you a memorable and exciting experience. Here you will find the names of top 10 places to spend the New Year. If you head towards any of the locations, you will have a celebration to remember forever. Even if you don’t drink, you may party hard in any of the mentioned destinations and the best places to celebrate new years in India. You may chill out in any of the destinations and have a different kind of experience from before.


Move to Auckland in New Zealand for the New Year celebration 

Auckland is the first city in the world that received the New Year. Move to the waterfront city to welcome the New Year 2019. As it is summers in Auckland, you can enjoy your Champagne on the beaches and can feel comfortable. Be the part of Highlife NYE Party on the 31st of December at the mesmerising Auckland. You have everything here right from live musical performances, delicious foods, drinks, dance performers and the Expert DJs. All through the New Year party on the beach, you can enjoy the views of fireworks and taste international foods and cuisines. This is not all. The Sunset Groove Cruise starts right at 8pm and completes at 1am. The entire Auckland harbour gets lit up with lightings, fireworks and the revellers out there.

Yangon in Myanmar 

Yangon in Myanmar is a fantastic destination to enjoy the views of fireworks and spend the New Year night. The celebration starts from fireworks in the Shwedagon Pagoda. Here you can capture some of the best Intagram-friendly pictures, and so you must not forget to carry your camera here. Even the Burmese join in to celebrate NYE celebrations of the westerners. Indeed, Myanmar is already a top destination for music festivals whereby the last year’s music festivals by the rivers at The One Entertainment Park was simply amazing.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai for the magnificent fireworks 

Burj Khalifa testifies architectural wonder and engineering brilliance. There are 163 floors in it and the building rises as high as 828meters. The masterpiece is a marvellous site to behold- the marvel of imagination and design. The most attention-grabbing skyscraper attracts the maximum number of tourists during the time of New Year. It gathers the largest crowd in the world who wait at the footsteps to welcome the New Year. The Burj Khalifa night show has broken all the records. EMAAR plans something new for Burj Khalifa New Year celebration every year almost. The entire Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa will light up on the 31st of December this year. While organizing New Year Trips, you cannot avoid Burj Khalifa.

A fabulous New Year party at Dublin, Ireland 

Dublin in Ireland has more number of restaurants and pubs than any other in the world. To celebrate the New Year in style, move to Dublin, Ireland. On the beaches of Dublin, you may sing, dance, read, party hard and can make new friends. In Dublin there are innumerable places to celebrate the New Year. At the city center of Dublin, you may also take part in the official New Year party. For more action, you may move to Dame St.

Just pray for no downpour and enjoy the fireworks for the whole night.

Tonga and Samoa for an exciting and chilled out experience 

Samoa and Tonga islands are the fabulous New Year destinations which offers a sort of chilled out experience. Samoa and Tonga are the first and foremost regions of the world where the New Year was celebrated. For those who have money in their wallets, they can move to the western coast of the
USA and party all night.

Rio De Janeiro in Brazil for the best experience 

Do you love the beaches? Do you want to party in your shorts? If you wish to dance in the tropical heat, move to Rio. You will love the ambience and people out here. Brazilians are quite aware how to enjoy every moment of life. Most people head to a tiny beach known as Capacabana to celebrate the New Year party. Rio De Janeiro is the top party spot in the entire Brazil.

Bangkok in Thailand 

In Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, there are several pubs and rooftop bars. The rooftop bars offer a fabulous view of the surrounding. They are indeed the best points for watching the fireworks all over the sky during the midnight. If you want to party like crazy, move to Khao San Road and just party like a beast. The party street in the Bangkok gets really wild during the New Year Eve.

Head towards London in England 

One of the best New Year destinations in world is meant for the party animals. Although it may get cold and wet, this wont dampen the party spirit for sure. Don’t miss out the spectacular fireworks that show up on the sky.

Berlin, Germany for hard partying 

Berlin is the city in Germany where people party very hard during the New Year. Just like Germans, you may also take bar-hopping and clubbing seriously.

Las Vegas for bright lights and massive fireworks 

There are several casinos in Las Vegas that launch fireworks off their rooftops and you may witness them all by heading towards the Las Vegas. It is one of the leading party destinations in the world.

The list of places mentioned above for New Year party is not all. There are several other places like the New York City, Angkor Wat, Punta Del Este and others where you may spend New Year 2019.

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