2019 New Year Fitness Resolution ideas for health and wellbeing

After a fortnight we are to celebrate the New Year and welcome the New Year 2019. Each year, almost everyone makes New Year Fitness resolutions to get back into shape, reduce weight or embrace good health to live a disease-free existence. Being obese is unhealthy and so if you are fat, you should take necessary steps to get rid of the body fat. If you have been trying hard to make healthy changes to your lifestyle to improve health, then choose a few New Year resolutions and simply make them manageable and specific.

New Year Fitness Resolution Ideas
Fitness Resolution

Motivate your kids about New Year resolutions 2019 and ask them to adopt a few. Encourage them to find a sport like soccer or basketball and ask them to do that for at least 4 times a week. Let them take the resolution of wearing a sunscreen before stepping out of the house, drink a glass of milk everyday and avoid fruit drinks and limit soda. Similarly, teenagers and adults can adopt different fitness workout resolutions to keep healthy. New years resolution motivates us towards taking an action, and this is the greatest benefit. You get to feel that it’s not too late and the New Year is around the corner to make a fresh start and pursue the health goals. But, you have to be disciplined and take necessary steps to accomplish them. The first day of the New Year is a perfect day to make a new start. Reflect back and take a look at your life. Do consider what’s working and what isn’t. This way, you will get an idea what areas to improve. So, take charge of the life and do acknowledge that you have a power to change it for the good. So, here is the list of New Year resolution ideas you may ponder over.

Why to take a New Year Resolution? 

It is great to make New Year Resolution for it may be a turning point in your life, a powerful step to get out of the unhealthy habits and bad situations in life. New Year Resolution is an outstanding way to get your life back on track. If you accomplish any of the resolutions made, you experience a fabulous sense of achievement. It gives a boost to your self-esteem and also instils self-confidence. In short, the tool is motivational and powerful but proves fruitful only when you are determined to accomplishing them. Make a resolution after considering your capability. It is seen that people often make resolutions and then fail to achieve it. Make sure you set realistic goals and work towards it.

Get back into shape to live a healthy life 


Most of the Americans take this resolution of getting back into shape. They start exercising and adopt healthy eating habits for getting back in shape and for staying fit. It is very easy to start doing such things but is very difficult to stick to them. Adopt a diet plan and exercise regularly to get steady results.

Eat less but healthy food 

It’s ok! You live in an environment where it is hard to avoid temptation for delicious and fatty food. Switch to a healthy diet by removing all unhealthy and fatty food items from your refrigerator. Stock up your refrigerator with green veggies and fresh fruits. Only when you are determined, you may develop healthy eating habits. Learn how to control the tendency to overeat or emotional eating. Collect all the healthy food recipes and use the tricks. Get to know about the reasons for failure of diets.

Don’t indulge in procrastinating 

Procrastinating usually snaps one out of the healthy habits. Indeed, this is the greatest barrier that prevents one from accomplishing the health and fitness goals. Meditation improves self-control and prevents emotional or impulsive eating. Meditation techniques can also boost your cognitive skills and improve focus and concentration.

Live an active life 

There are people who don’t even exercise regularly and are still fit and fine. They live an active life which benefits them immensely. Sitting around at work or home for most of the times may have a negative impact on health. It affects both your posture and health in a negative manner. You shouldn’t sit near the computer all the while and find some interesting activity to benefit your health. Involve your friends and relatives into it to make things interesting.

Get quality sleep 

With the smartphone in your pocket, big screen TVs and tablet computers, it is hard to catch up good sleep. But, still, there are ways to get a good night sleep. Meditate before the bed time and put off your smart phone.

Quit smoking and drinking 

Take the pledge that you will quit smoking and drinking. The label of a cigarette packet already reads that smoking is injurious to health. Buying a cigarette packet every time can create hole in the pocket and also endanger your health. Smoking and drinking are very unhealthy.

Exercise regularly 

Congratulations on deciding to exercise. Exercise is a sort of magic pill which improves the body and the mind. It can cure any of the diseases and helps to recover from the medical conditions. It reverses depression and boosts weight loss. Some exercises are strenuous while others are simple and workout exercises for beginners. The best exercises are walk-out push up, hip bridge, jumping jacks, plank and standard squats. To enhance the range of motion, joint flexibility, you may do stretching exercises. For strength training, repeat the sets of strength training exercises.

If you are an avid drinker, limit the quantity of drink and then give it up. Face your insecurities and fears and express artistically. Stick to all the healthy habits you have adopted.

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