8 Eyes Shining Places Of Celebrating Dussehra In India

Dussehra is a festival in India that is celebrated with extraordinary energy and happiness by the Hindus though the entire nation takes part of the celebration of the Goddess of Durga in those days. The celebration denotes the triumph of good over malevolence. In the entire nation the festival is celebrated and in place there is a special way to show its love for the Goddess. Dussehra is celebrated with huge pomp and fervour by worshippers and it is a festival which brings great cheer to people all throughout India.

There are several cities across the country which celebrate Dussehra with great pride and vigour but some of the few cities that are worth visiting during this period are:

Kolkata: Durga Puja

One can truly see the beauty of Kolkata amidst Durga Puja time, as this celebration is known in West Bengal. Kolkata changes into this wonderfully boisterous and bright place with individuals wearing customary garments. The music has this religious intensity to it and the cooking is a foodie's enjoyment. Pandal hopping is the prime attraction here with hundreds of pandals across the entire city. The last day or 10th day the ladies get involved in playing sindoor known as sindoor khela and finally the idol is immersed in river Ganga. Ma Durga is worshipped in a unique manner during this carnival every year in Kolkata.

Mysore: Dasara

Given the stature of a state celebration, Dasara, as it is known in Karnataka, is a convention that returns in excess of four hundred years. The Mysore royals lead the pack in this multi day spectacle. The Mysore Palace is lit up for ten evenings with a large number of lights. With the Palace filling in as a background, each night there are programs with subjects that inside around move, music and the way of life of Karnataka. The entire city of Mysuru people will eagerly wait to host this yearly festival and for tourists there is an availability of purchasing gold card who want to visit Mysore palace during this season. Do watch the elephant parade which begins at the Palace and paves the way to the Dasara ground. This is one spectacle that is definitely worth watching by all means!

Kullu: Dussehra

Kullu is another place which celebrates Dussehra with great vigour. Symbols of divine beings and goddesses are carried on the heads of aficionados in a parade to a ground where they meet the primary God, Lord Raghunath. Celebrations continue for seven days, the most recent day of which the parade is directed to the River Beas where a heap of wood is determined to flame. You can plan a trip to Kullu to watch the Dussehra celebrations. It will definitely be a wonderful experience for sure!

Gujarat: Navratri

In Gujarat, Dussehra is called Navratri. Navratri is celebrated among the people by playing their traditional dance form Garba. People wear colourful outfits and start dancing with dandiya sticks.


Dussehra in Delhi is a standout amongst the most sensational and engaging types of the celebration. Nine long periods of love and fasting come full circle into a boisterous firecrackers show as the huge likenesses of Ravana and his siblings are set land. Night skies illuminate with wafers as the models detonate to the hints of cheering groups in broad daylight parks. Prominent Ramlila appears in Delhi are the ones at Ramlila Maidan, the Red Fort grounds and one at the Red Fort gardens.


Dussehra in Varanasi is an alternate affair through and through. Here, you will observe Delhi style Ramlila and in addition, Durga Puja in the obvious Kolkata soul. A standout amongst the most well-known Ramlila demonstrates is held around 15 kilometres from Varanasi and in Ramnagar, an old convention begun by the King of Kashi. The enormous nearness of the Bengali people group guarantees that parts of Varanasi go up against a Bengali 'puja' enhance; finish with the submersion of the deity in the Ganga.


The Barara Ravana holds the record for being the tallest Ravana representation on the planet. This little town, near Ambala, is around 80 kilometres from Chandigarh. Consistently, the stature of the likeness, around two hundred feet currently, is expanded by a couple of feet. This is another marvel that is fit to behold for sure! This will definitely make your trip worth it by all means!

Vijayawada – Vijayadashami

This is the foremost festival celebrates at Kanaka Durga Devi temple in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Telugaits calls this festival as Vijayadashami and this declared as state festival in the year 2015. The special attraction of this place is chief deity Durga devi adorns 10 different avatars during this festival. Based on lunar calendar and astrological star of each day Alankaran will be done to the goddess. Pilgrims can celebrate and take a holy dip in the Krishna river!

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