How to get rid of stress naturally and the effects that compose on your face

Almost everyone is subject to stress on a regular basis, irrespective of their age and standing in life. However, with the passage of time, those who are over the age of 25, usually succumb more to stress and find it tough to tackle in most cases like office work pressures and tensions, emotional problems (anxiety, angriness and depressions), financial obligations, etc.

Here are the effects of stress that can be seen on your face-

Dark Circles- Stress usually impacts the delivery of blood or blood flow to the vital organs. The blood vessels underneath our eyes are usually sensitive and delicate, thereby becoming susceptible to pressure of any sort, thereby making you look really tired and pale.

Mini Menopause- Estrogen levels usually come down due to stress and lower levels lead to low collagen counts and moisture alike. Stress may lead to the same effect, thereby making your skin dry.

More Wrinkles- Whenever someone feels really out of place, depressed or under stress or they are not taking adequate rest, lines start forming on the face which we call wrinkles. These often crop up due to the sheer impact of stress.

Bags under the eyes- Stress resulting from regular tasks and work can lead to your brain getting tiring out, thereby making water pools in the region below the lower eyelid. This leads to puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Expansion of jaw size- Grasping and pounding can be direct results of higher stress. These can lead to over-work of the jaw muscles. This may lead to damaged teeth and a jaw line which is heavier than usual.

Loss of Hair- Stress may lead to baldness all of a sudden. It usually pulverizes seamless development of hair follicles. This may lead to significant hair loss which is not good for anyone.

Acne- It’s not just hormones which lead to inflammation of the skin. Several people have acne due to their soaring stress levels. However, picking, pressing or jabbing pimples only leads to them aggravating. As a result, this should be avoided at all costs.

Mood Swings- Stress leads to mood swings and sudden breakouts of anger or depression. There is a special link of communication between our temperaments and the hormonal physiology which functions in two ways. How we think and feel can impact physiology and this can affect overall hormonal purity. When pressure touches the very highest point, this can lead to several factors including hormone triggered mood swings. Other aspects include disorders related to sleep, weight gain, cravings and breakdown of collagen. Combating stress is very essential in such scenarios since the mood swings can be emotionally unhealthy and should be avoided at any cost.

By doing below habits every day you may not be able to completely get rid of stress but I can assure you can minimize stress load in a natural way without nay hassles.

• Autogenics learning
• Hypnosis of the self
• Mind relaxation techniques like Meditation, Yoga, Jogging, Exercise and Walking more often
• Writing a journal
• Playing and enjoying games
• Reading books
• Cooking
• Having sex more often
• Indulging in aromatherapy
• Consuming protein diet food that is balanced and rich in nutrients
• Getting music therapy
• Lowering overall intake of caffeine
• Laughing more
• Mentally and physically de-cluttering
• Improving overall fitness levels
• Lowering overall commitments to people
• Learning how to say no
• Taking mini vacations and long trips with friends and family or simply alone every year without fail
• Managing your time effectively
• Foremost – get enough rest and sleep minimum 7-8 hours per day, this will cut down your half of stress.

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