Top Tips to Make Your Style Unique

To express yourself fully and feel good about yourself and the way that you look, it is important to make your style unique, as this can help you to stand out and prevent you from feeling as if you simply follow trends or that your style is no different to that of your friends. Then, if you are worried that your style is simply a copy of other people’s style, and you’re your outfits do not feel as if they have been curated by you, here are some top tips that can help you to make your style as unique as possible.

Image by Kahalb

  • Shop at Independent Boutiques

One of the best steps that you can take to make your style unique is to shop at stores that your friends do not know about or which stock independent products that are not in every single chain store around your area. This can help you to find clothes that are completely different from those that you see other people wearing, and many independent boutiques cater toward specific styles that you might not be able to get elsewhere, such as clothes for plus sizes or for those that want to dress in a gothic or punk way. At Sweet Jolie, for example, they offer a range of unique and beautiful t-shirts, jumpers, dresses, and even stylish shoes for girls that you will not be able to find in the places where you normally shop. 

  • Wear What You Love 

Rather than following the trends or using all of your energy to find clothes that flatter your body shape, you should only wear what you yourself love instead of what the entire world is going bananas over. Then, you should avoid fashion magazines and big clothing chains. When you next go shopping, you should pick up and try on any piece of clothing that speaks to you, whether or not it is in fashion, and see whether it suits you and whether you can see it becoming part of your wardrobe. Wearing clothes that you love can help you to look different from everyone else while ensuring that you feel good and that your clothes are able to better express your personality. This can also help you to spend less on fashion as you will not have to ditch your clothes every season and will instead be buying staple pieces that can last you for years. 

  • Buy Second Hand 

Although you might usually opt to buy your clothes from the local shopping mall or the internet, you should consider visiting second-hand stores or shopping on websites such as Depop next time you need new clothes for both everyday and occasion wear. By shopping second hand, you will be able to avoid the latest trends and fashions and instead focus on finding clothes that you love and that people have loved before you. This can then help you to get your imagination going by working out how to style certain outfits and can allow you to find clothes that you might never have thought about buying previously. Even better, you might opt to visit vintage clothing stores, which can allow you to find clothes from fashions past that can allow you to set new trends, or rather, bring old trends back. 

  • Look on Pinterest

You may need a little push to be able to create a unique style for yourself, though, and if you are feeling as if you lack inspiration when it comes to fashion, you should consider browsing on Pinterest to find clothes and outfits that you like. Although you will not want to replicate these looks exactly, finding inspiration can help you to see what you like and can allow you to begin to think critically about fashion. 

  • Make Your Own Clothes

The next step that you can take to make your style unique is to make your own clothes. By making your own clothes, you will be able to wear items that no one else has, and that are total one-offs. Luckily for you if you want to do this, making your own clothes has recently come back into fashion. This means that you can find lots of patterns from top designers that can help you to create flattering items that can make you look great. One advantages of making your own clothes is also that you will be able to create clothes in whatever material you like, meaning that you can throw off plain polyesters and opt for high quality and eco-friendly cotton in a funky and exciting pattern. However, your sewing skills need to be at a high level if you are going to start making your own clothes, and so you should consider watching tutorials online or attending sewing classes to get you started, as well as investing in a high quality sewing machine. 

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