How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day: Checklist

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the lives of the to-be-married couple and so the months leading up to it can be stressful and chaotic. Besides having many decisions to make, the couple also has to deal with people who feel like they’ve got a say in all the planning. 

It’s no surprise that many opt for hiring a wedding planning team, so that the details are all taken care of. There are always problems and even though they can be minor and not impact your happy day, whether you decide to hire someone to help you or not, the week before the special day will probably involve some stress and a whole lot of worrying. Below, you’ll find a checklist with the most important things to remember how to prepare for your wedding day.

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A few weeks before the wedding day:

  • Where are you getting ready?

For most the choice is obvious. You’ll get ready at home, your parents’ home, perhaps, or at the venue. Whatever you decide make sure everyone knows where they should be and when.  

  • Where is your partner getting ready?

You’ve secured your location, but where is your partner getting ready? More traditionally, you’ll both get ready in separate locations, so there’s no chance you’ll see each other before walking down the aisle. 

The same thing applies; make this decision with enough time to inform groomsmen and parents, family members, anyone who is involved with helping your partner get ready.

The week before the wedding day

  • Prep everything!

Make sure the dress, the tuxedo, accessories, shoes, rings, hairdryers, makeup and just about everything you may dream of needing for the morning of is at the location you’ll each be at the day before. 

If you think you won’t need something, send it to where you’re getting ready, nonetheless. Unexpected things happen and you want to be ready. If you have a team, they’ll probably be on top of this and guide you, otherwise start a list a few weeks before so you can add things to it when you remember, giving you ample time to think of them.

  • Emergency kit & snacks

You really need everything you can think of. Pack energy bars, fruit or snacks you enjoy having with you while you and your wedding party are getting ready. This will keep you going, even if you have a good breakfast (which is obviously recommended). 

Alongside the snacks, don’t forget to pack an emergency kit as well. One with band aids and antiseptic, painkillers, and feminine hygienic products, and another one with thread and a needle to fix any potential clothing issues. Being prepared is key for a successful and smooth wedding day.

The day prior to the wedding day

  • Pamper yourself!

Book an appointment at the spa with your girlfriends and get your nails done too. Enjoy this day to relax and be in the company of those who love and cherish you. You’ll feel re-energized, after months of worrying and you’ll get ready for the big day at the same time!

  • Wedding rehearsal

If you have a wedding rehearsal, this usually happens the day before your wedding day. A rehearsal is recommended if a lot of people are involved on your special day, to make sure they know what to do and when to do it. 

It’ll also help calm some pre-wedding nerves and must have wedding jewellery in every girl's wardrobe this is especially a great idea if you have a lot of people attending your wedding as you, the couple, will have more time to chat with everyone and thank them for coming.

  • Sleep well!

Shocking, right? A good night’s sleep will do wonders for your skin, body and soul. However, sleeping well the night before one of the biggest milestones in your life might be challenging for some, so try to do things as you’d normally do them. 

Do the same exact routine, don’t try anything new, not even those special pajamas you really wanted to buy for this occasion. Keeping things as you would normally have them will be best for as good of a night as possible (pre-wedding excitement included).

The day of the wedding day

  • Get ready and have fun! 

It’s finally your wedding day! You deserve to have a little fun in the morning while getting ready with your wedding party. Be careful with how much alcohol you consume, though, and keep those snacks near you. 

This is when you should hire an entire team to help you. You don’t want to be bothered about hair and makeup on this special day; however, if your budget is tight and you want to be aware of what you should and shouldn’t do for a long-lasting beauty day, ask professionals at makeup stores for some tips for your wedding day makeup. They’ll be thrilled to help you and can give great pointers on how to do it yourself.

  • Enjoy yourself!

Most importantly, enjoy the ceremony and the reception with your partner! Remember to take in a few seconds every now and again to look around and truly feel what’s happening, what you’re experiencing. 

It is, after all, a unique and magical day for you two.

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