8 Tips to Declutter Your House before Listing

Spring season has arrived and now it is a perfect time to deep clean your house before its listing. You should declutter your house to remove all unwanted stuff that you do not want to use as these items are just covering space in your house. Now clean the space with a god quality backpack HEPA vacuum cleaner before the potential buyers start visiting to see your house.

When you will start decluttering your house, you will find that there are many items that you do not want. After removing all this stuff, you will have a spacious and organized house ready for staging. To sell your house quickly at a good price, you should remove all the unwanted things and deep clean your home.

Home Decluttering

Here, we are going to share pro tips to declutter your house for fast sale:
  1. Create a Schedule: You should create a plan and daily schedule before starting the deep cleaning process. The schedule and plan will let you efficiently clean your house. This way you can maximize your work and reduce the number of interruptions.

    Also, make a list of required cleaning items such as a mop, broom, a good vacuum cleaner like atrix backpack HEPA vacuum, etc. First of all, check them at your home. If you need any one of them, then add that item on your list.
  2. Clean One Section at a Time: If you want to deep clean the entire home in one day that would be a difficult task. It is better to start with one room at a time. When one room is completed, then move on to another section of your house. For instance, set your goal to clean your bedroom in one day.

    When you will complete that, you will feel happy and motivated as well. Also, if your walls are painted with lead based paint, then consider removing it with backpack hepa vacuum for lead paint and repaint your house walls again.
  3. Set Deadline to Finish the Task: When do you want to get ready to show your home to potential buyers? Some may want to do it in one week, some in two or many of them want to do it after a month. According to your home staging time, set the deadline to finish the home decluttering task. 

    The house cleaning process will not take more than a few weeks. That means you will be ready to sell your house in a few weeks. If you are on a short time schedule then call your friends for help. Also, you can hire cleaning services contractor. They will complete the entire task in a few days.
  4. Start with Small Things: The clutter in your house that you have been accumulating for a few months will not disappear overnight. It will take your time and effort. You should start with small things and then move to a bigger one. This will keep your morale high and never let you disappointed in midway.
  5. Create Separate Heaps of Clutter: While cleaning your house you will come across various unwanted things. Some of them are reusable and others maybe not in good condition to reuse. Therefore, it is recommended to create separate heaps so that you can easily find out items that you can donate or resell.
  6. Touch and Tidy up All Rooms: All the rooms in your house should be deep clean after removing the clutter. Place the rest of the items in an organized manner and start cleaning every corner efficiently.

    Take a cordless HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner and remove the accumulated dirt and dust from your house. After that take a mop and clean the floor. If you have a carpet in your house, clean it with a good vacuum cleaner.
  7. Organize Your Laundry Room: Usually, homeowners forget to organize their laundry as they consider it the least important. But, you should organize each and every room of your house in good condition. The organized laundry room will leave a good impression on the potential home buyers. Nicely arrange all your cleaning products, floor cleaners, and appliances. Also, keep your room spotless and shining.
  8. Pack Your Items: As you are moving to another place, therefore, you should pack most items that belong to you. You should pack those items that you will use in the future but not immediately. You can place them in the storeroom of your house or basement or garage. If you keep your house clean and declutter, then the potential buyers can imagine their settings and arrangements in your house.
living room declutter

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