Top Seven Fashion Forecasts For Women in 2020

Perhaps the most exciting thing about fashion is the fact that it is constantly changing. There’s always a new 2020 fashion trend making the rounds and something new to try out. And, the zeal to keep up with the trends is what makes you a true fashionista. So, as 2019 draws to an end, new styles are coming up, and a couple of old ones are here to stay. But, which are the ones you should watch out for in 2020? Here are the top seven fashion tips for women to keep it stylish in the New Year.

winter style

Pepping it up with a peplum

Peplum, the style which features gathered or flared fabric at the waist, is going to be popular during the spring-summer season. From streetwear to evening gowns, expect to see a bit of this style everywhere next season. Just make sure you wear a high-waist women panties to bring in a slimming effect.

Bring out your stripes

Both vertical and horizontal stripes are going to remain popular in 2020. However, vertical stripes panties are going to get a bit more love from the fashionistas because they look good on everyone

Layer it up with leather

Expect to see a lot of leather everywhere you look in 2020. But, this time, it will be leather with a bit of twist. You will get to see leather in a variety of colours, and not the same old black and brown. Time to stock up on leather dresses!

trendy women

Make those sleeves puffy

Puffy sleeves are one of the trends that has been slowly gaining pace in 2019, and it is going to really blow up (forgive the pun!) in 2020. There will be more types of puff sleeves seen in the near future, such as the sheer lace ones or the structured cuts.

That ‘70s kinda vibe

The present panty trends in fall fashion have already given the nod to the patterns and prints from the seventies. This vibe is going to continue with more preference given by designers to colours like burnt orange and mustard yellow. In terms of designs, corduroy clothes flared hems, and double-breasted suits are making a comeback.

Suit up but keep it deconstructed

There is something really glam about deconstructed suits: no wonder it is a red carpet favourite. So, the next time you plan on wearing a suit/body-hugging dresses, choose foundation undergarment panty, with the length of your trouser and do it with a crop top or maybe a nice knitted bra. Bring out that diva in you! (and look great in photos!).

Stand out in all shades of neon

You will be noticing a lot of bright neon shades being used by the designers in their spring collection. The only major change that will be noted this year is that the neon will be offset by soft pastel shades and not the rather safe option of black.

So, it’s time to reshuffle that wardrobe, add a couple of new colourful panty pieces, and put a few things at the back of the closet. Have a fashionable new year!

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