Best Tourist Places in Mumbai

If you are in the city of Mumbai as a tourist, you would have most definitely made an itinerary to visit all the top tourist places in Mumbai. However, after you are done with them, try to head towards some of the lesser known spots which will give you a true taste of life in Mumbai and also reveal some secluded spots which will give you a chance to relax and slow down in a city that always seems to be racing against time. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in India.


Sassoon Docks: Mumbai Tourism will tell you that this dock was opened in the year 1875 and the first one to be opened for the public in the city. Today it is used a fishing dock mostly but when the chaos for the day has died down, you can enjoy a relaxing time gazing out at the water, watch boats and steamers go in and out and also enjoy a hearty chat with the boatmen. It is quite a frequent haunt for the photographers as well.

Dhobi Ghat: This is like an open air Laundromat, but where the washing is done manually. While this is very common concept in India, foreign tourists find it very intriguing. The dhobi, or the washermen, wash the clothes and linens from hospitals and hotels here and it is quite a sight to see them work in perfect synchronization as rub and clean the linens in unison and then hang the clothes to dry.

Pandavkada Waterfall: If you are looking for things to do in Mumbai do visit the falls. Coming across a waterfall bang in the middle of the city is practically unheard of but it seems nothing is impossible in Mumbai. The Pandavkada Waterfalls in Navi Mumbai is a very popular spot for the weekenders and it is real treat for the eyes. The waters are calm and cool and one can enjoy a hearty dip. Exploring the Buddhist caves nearby and the Khargar Hills next to it will make for a wonderful day trip in all.

Dahanu Beach: While Marine Drive in Mumbai is definitely the most popular spot by the sea in the city, it is also quite crowded and one could miss the calm and quiet that one expects from the beach. Head to the Dahanu Beach if you are looking for some peace and tranquility. The beach is not very large but is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset, walk on warm golden sand and just reflect on the day. It is easily accessible through NH8.

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Sewri Mangrove Park: The salt water of the sea sustains a mangrove plantation between Sewri and Trombay and the 15 acres of lush mangrove surely makes for a great cozy spot. The place is favorite among bird watchers and there are a number of fishes to be found here as well. The region is facing a threat in the form of oil spills and the number of birds here is fast disappearing, so it would be a good idea to have a look at this place before it disappears in the future.

Gilbert Hill: Trekking in India has become very popular in recent times but it is hard to imagine trekking in Mumbai in the middle of the day. Coming across a rock formation bang in the middle of Mumbai might seem strange but head to Andheri if you want to catch a glimpse of the iconic Gilbert Hill. It will definitely make for a lovely backdrop for a photograph. The rock face is 200 feet high and there are two temples situated at the top, which makes it a top draw for the tourists and also for students of geology.

Bassein Fort: Also known locally as the Vasai Fort, this small fort was once a stronghold of the Portuguese in India. It is one of the historical places in Mumbai one of the few that is maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. It is said that the fort is now haunted and it does look like it could make a perfect backdrop for a thriller film.

Maharashtra Nature Park: Your Mumbai sightseeing will not be complete if you miss this place. The Maharashtra Nature Park is situated right beside Dharavi, which happens to be one of the most densely populated areas in the dense city of Mumbai but this park is like a little paradise. There are huge trees and soothing waterbodies and is the perfect place to rest a while when you have been outdoors all day exploring the city.

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