Lavender Essential Oil and its Benefits

There is a reason why lavender oil is considered one of the essential oils that we need to incorporate in our daily regimen, but not many of seem to do so. I was one such novice who initially considered it to be a fancy beauty ingredient which was probably overhyped and probably had little merit. My perception changed when I was gifted a bottle of lavender essential oil by a friend and it has been an indispensible part of my life ever since.

Lavender Oil

There are quite a few benefits of Lavender oil, and I have experienced some of them first hand.

Once I started researching the use of lavender oil for skin and its also a tip how to take care of skin in winter, I came to know it works wonder for those suffering from persistent acne marks. Mixing lavender oil to a face pack that you use regularly can start showing results in a month or so. Lavender oil is very sweet smelling and it has an instant calming effect- one can enjoy the perks of a home spa without having to spend extra effort or money on visiting one. A lavender oil face pack will bring you ultimate relaxation in no time. Just put on a soothing music, light a few scented candles and you are set,

Another reason for using lavender oil on the skin is that it is known to be very effective against the harmful effects of pollution. Dirt and sweat tend to form a crust on our skin and there are a number of environmental toxins that affect our facial skin, which is about three times more delicate than the skin on the other parts of our body. Using lavender oil will negate the effects of pollution and prevent acne and other skin issues by forming a protective layer on the skin as it is strong antiseptic.

Lavender oil is known to be very effective against burns because of its soothing properties and also because it has anti inflammatory benefits. Skin that is sunburnt or even gets singed is prone to irritation and one often experiences a burning sensation which can last for hours, even for days. Applying lavender oil will help reduce the burning sensation and also help reduce any scars that might have been caused as a result of it. Since it is pain reliever, it provides almost instant relief and can also accelerate the process of healing.


Those who suffer from irritable skin or even eczema can actually find it to be a very soothing solution. The store bought creams often have a chemical base and just in case they do not suit you, they can end up doing more harm than good. Lavender oil is very light and yet quite moisturizing at the same time and hence penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin with only a slight massage. It reduces skin irritability and prevents rashes and redness.

Massaging lavender oil into the scalp can help solve a number of persistent hair problems as well. Lavender oil for hair can be used by those who suffer from dryness of the scalp and have issues with dandruff. The oil moisturizes the scalp and prevents the scalp from flaking. Those who also use a number of hair products could suffer from scalp dryness as the products start to build up. Massaging the scalp with the lavender oil can help neutralize the harmful effects of the chemical based hair products as well.

In the same way, lavender oil is also a great option when one is on the lookout for a natural conditioner. We might be using store bought cosmetic conditioners on our hair, but nothing can replace the goodness that natural oil provides. The oil is the food for our hair and lavender oil is one of the best ones that one can use. A little bit of lavender oil goes a long way and it can also help cure persistent problems like hairfall and could help disinfect the scalp if one’s hair or scalp has been infested with lice.

Another lavender oil benefit is that it is very effective for those suffering from constipation and gastritis. The digestive tract of our body is smoothened and it helps in the production of bile, which is important for a healthy digestive system. The oil should be massaged on the belly and it will show results in a month or so.

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